Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Pink Princess

For her birthday Maggie requested a pink-pink-pink cake.
This is three years running.
I wonder what year will break the pink streak--- I'm going to guess year 6.
We shall see.
All eyes on Maggie and she LOVED it.
 photo DSC_5644copy_zps273f8b3e.jpg
Hail to the Princess Aurora!
 photo DSC_5722copy_zpsc46cf2ef.jpg
Some little girls love ponies, some love dolls, and mine LOVE dress-ups.
The other day Maggie said to me, "Mom, for Valentines Day I want to dress up like Princess Sofia."
I said, "Maggie, we don't dress up in costumes for Valentines day. Just give treats and make heart cookies."
She responded, "Okay Mom, if you go to the store please pick up a Sofia dress for Valentines day."
{Enter stunned Mom face here}
Good Grief.
I guess when I think about it she's right... she dressed up for Halloween, she got an Aurora dress for her birthday, Santa gave her dress-ups for Christmas... why not V-day too???
What have I done?!? hahahaha!
 photo DSC_5706copy_zps08955930.jpg
Look at them pretty shoes!!!
 photo DSC_5718copy_zpse4990863.jpg
 photo DSC_5715copy_zpsa5b55fe8.jpg
And I love every stinkin thing about this picture.
I feel like I could sit down right next her and ask for a bite of cake.
And now my mouth is watering.
I love thee and all thy pinkness! Never grow up!!!
 photo DSC_57461_zpsa7e1a93d.jpg


Pop and Nana said...

Happy Birthday to our little snickerdoodle! She sure is a beauty!!

Josh and Denise said...

Jess! That cake!!! Holy moly! It's perfect.