Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Chick-Fil-A is our favorite!

Aunt Sarah introduced us to Cow Appreciation Day at Chickfila a few years ago,
and we haven't missed one since!!!
Eat mor chikin!!!
 photo DSC_1611 copy_zpsx6bumwgc.jpg
 photo DSC_1618 copy_zps6guujyiz.jpg
So this day trumps halloween for me... but I'm a serious halloween party pooper. lol!
Chicken or Candy??
Duh!!! CHICKEN!!!!!
 photo DSC_1622 copy_zpspa23wrbx.jpg
Maggie's smile these days is killing me. For realz.
Rachel's toothless smile on the other hand is just the cutest!!! haha!
 photo DSC_1624 copy_zpsfdpmosvn.jpg
My little crew!
Love them! 
And I love that Man! He goes along with all my shenangians... even if I take it over the top!
He really loves it. haha!
 photo DSC_1643 copy_zpswfejddtp.jpg
And a few instagram pics...
Again that toothless smile! 
Be still my heart!
 photo 11358094_433253850191279_1809459436_n_zpsgsjqcion.jpg
He was the most uncooperative baby. 
Pulled off all his spots.
Screamed every time I tried to put on his sign.
And scowled at his cow ears.
So, he was my little white cow...
 photo 11419296_722395464556428_278172464_n_zpstgwwcwpw.jpg
Shake time is HAPPINESS! 
Happy Cow Appreciation Day! 
 photo 11252135_1077462625616984_1431846652_n_zpsvb7aeyz8.jpg

Here's a look back to our first Cow Appreciation Day!!! 

Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Ferocious Dixie Dog

Dixie tries to be ferocious with her deep, rumbling dog bark, and her proud, defensive stance...
But we know she's nothing but a big softie.
It's been a year since we've had Dixie and if I could go back I wouldn't change a thing.
We love her SOOO much!
While I got started on Maggie's hair this morning, Rachel decided to give Dixie a hair-do.
I heard endless and quite  hysterical laughing coming from downstairs and decided to check it out....  
 photo DSC_1591 copy_zpsrlvouzbx.jpg
Luke wants in on the action and is pretty territorial about Dixie! haha!
"Get off her! She's mine!"
We love you Dixie dog!
Now come here Miss Rachel and let me do YOUR hair! :)
 photo DSC_1592 copy_zpslp7byxm9.jpg

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

America the Beautiful!

So growing up I had two favorite holidays... wait three... Christmas, Easter, and The Fourth of July (with the Fourth of July being the front runner)
There's just so many things about it! First of all it's in my birthday month!!! 
July is the best. That's it and that's all.
Second it's the summer. Hot. Pools. Watermelon. Root Beer. Ain't nothin better.
And now that I'm a Mom it's my favorite because it's no STRESS.
Ahhhh sweet no stress holidays! haha!

We had visitors for this fourth of July! 
Jacob, Itzel, Elijah, and Ila came to see us!!!
Oh how the kids were in heaven.
So much cousin love.
Just look at those tu-tu girls!
 photo DSC_1216m copy_zpssrvdwytz.jpg
We tried out a new pool and fell in love.
Slides are the bomb diggity.
 photo DSC_1273 copy_zpsnzj55exn.jpg
He probably went down the slide about a zillion times that day...
 photo DSC_1250 copy_zps1mrxgqro.jpg
Maggie was being a stinker and wouldn't give me a smile, so I took one of her backside instead.
heehee... cutest little toosh ever!
 photo DSC_1309 copy_zpslnbuiy79.jpg
My water baby did this the whole entire time we were there and insisted to have someone watch her 
every time. Thankfully we had lots of fans with us that day.
This is my favorite by far!!! 
 photo DSC_1262 copy_zpscg2prgug.jpg
She almost made it all the way across! 
She'll definitely get it next time!
 photo DSC_1268 copy_zpsggrnqfn2.jpg
Look at that cute family!!!
I love them.
Thank you so much for coming to visit us! 
The girls are missing they're cousin playmates oh so much!
 photo DSC_1329 copy_zpsisw8vbgc.jpg
Guess what we did next?
Yep, fireworks.
Oh boy.
 photo DSC_1340 copy_zpssk6trhnk.jpg
 photo DSC_1347 copy_zpsjxnicack.jpg
Maggie's busted lip cracks me up! 
She got it wrestling Dixie.
 photo DSC_1406 copy_zps5n2refs4.jpg
My brave boy loved holding the sparklers!
 photo DSC_1380 copy_zps0enejhpp.jpg
He also gave them a good scowl the entire time he was holding them.
Baby scowls are the best.
 photo DSC_1399 copy_zps5kxilafx.jpg
New noises, new sights... Baby first's are my FAVORITE thing to photograph. Like ever.
 photo DSC_1442 copy_zpsgbkvp1p0.jpg
"Whoah Mom! Did you see that?"
 photo DSC_1464 copy_zpsflqdruyg.jpg
 photo DSC_1476 copy_zps7geyirrk.jpg
Mr. Luke with your messy face, watermelon stained shirt, and cute tan lines---
Will you please never grow up????
 photo DSC_1491 copy_zpsfa57meqb.jpg
I love this face!!!
Pretty sure we're going to be doing fireworks every year just because I love taking pictures of them!
 photo DSC_1487 copy_zpsuleebynr.jpg
 photo DSC_1492 copy_zpsqboluf3u.jpg
Just joy.
 photo DSC_1536 fcopy_zpsr619bk8u.jpg
Dancing, hopping, crazy JOY!!!!
 photo DSC_1542 copy_zpsybaedkhb.jpg
Look at those hooligans!
They're mine.
I love this country.
 photo DSC_1547 copy_zpsshp8cxzk.jpg