Friday, January 30, 2015

A Popsicle in Each Hand

Tuesday morning was nice and quiet. 
Just me and the Lukeman.
We played and ate lunch together.
And then I brought out the popsicles.
One for me and one for him.
He enjoyed his, but kept staring longingly at mine.
The stares turned to grunts and the grunts turned to cries.
Before I knew it Luke had two popsicles and I had none.
And that's okay because now I have these pictures, and I will treasure them forever.

He's the cutest!!!
 photo DSC_7237copy_zps39a6dd7c.jpg
HEY! You've got my popsicle!!! 
Momma can't deny those eyes...
 photo DSC_7354copy_zpsed556344.jpg
Lick the orange one- lick the purple one....
 photo DSC_7337_zps3d525a7f.jpg
Hey buddy!
 photo DSC_7307_zps149616c7.jpg
This one makes my heart melt like a popsicle on the 4th of July...
 photo DSC_7299copy_zpsb3857813.jpg
We love Popsicles!!!! 
 photo DSC_7327copy_zpsd02a2877.jpg
You can take my popsicle any time. 
 photo DSC_7292copy_zps23a9360f.jpg

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Walk with M&M

My brother and sister in-law came to town for a visit and we couldn't have been more thrilled! 
They are officially moved to HOUSTON from Idaho! I love love love love having my brother and his sweet wife close. This is the first of many good times to come!

We went for a Sunday walk and tried to go past the railroad tracks... Luke wasn't having that at all.
After all, why is the world would someone want to just go on a boring old walk without stopping to throw rocks?
 photo DSC_7132copy_zps80de7ea4.jpg
Carefully crossing the railroad tracks with both hands full of rocks... I love that boy.
 photo DSC_7148copy_zpsca9f7028.jpg
The light was perfect! Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.
Thanks Mariela for getting in the picture with the girls!
 photo DSC_7154copy_zps03ea42a5.jpg
We love Tia Mariela!!!
 photo DSC_7171copy_zps30520790.jpg
And then Mariela insisted the photographer get out from behind the camera... okay, okay! haha!
I can always count on Rachel to jump in a picture with me!
Thanks for the great picture sis! Looking forward to many more getaway weekends in the future!
 photo DSC_7178copy_zpsc4fce364.jpg

Friday, January 23, 2015

Suck it Up Buttercup

Just another happy school day.
Rachel came home from school, got dinner going, and some playing in the backyard was going down.
I think Luke spotted me!
 photo DSC_4425copy_zpsf9d14787.jpg
I can hear all the crazy backyard noises when I look at this picture, and I love love love 
those balancing arms!
 photo DSC_4426copy_zps4a95a677.jpg
When he puts his lips together like this he means business. 
"Don't you dare try to kiss me right now Mom, I got things to do!"
 photo DSC_4429copy_zps1f587fa2.jpg
Then we went for a walk and it was peaceful, heavenly, and picture perfect until....
 photo DSC_4470copy_zpsa5152618.jpg
the FALL! 
Oh dear- the horror, the pain, the agony!!! 
I said, "Suck it up Buttercup!" and it only made the crying louder.
And the last little piggies cried all the way home... 
 photo DSC_4474copy_zpsc331bb55.jpg

A Cake all to Himself

Luke had no problem digging right in!
One chocolatey chocolate cake all to himself...
 photo DSC_4350copy_zps7528a21d.jpg
He kept giving us these extremely guilty looks as he was eating...
He's got that guilty look down pat.
Foreshadowing of whats to come perhaps?
 photo DSC_4370copy_zpsf5232141.jpg
nom nom nom
 photo DSC_4377copy_zps8ad23a53.jpg
Oh those grubby little fingers! Love them!
 photo DSC_4397copy_zps5b3b2197.jpg
Luke, you are the icing on my chocolate cake!!! 
Happy Birthday little dude!
 photo DSC_4396copy_zps99381f58.jpg

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Houston, we have a problem...

Momma is softie for this cute Luke boy and doesn't know what to do!

Luke, Luke, Luke...
Little boy don't you know that climbing on the table is dangerous?
Danger? I laugh in the face of danger! Ah-Ha-ha-ha!
 photo DSC_7054copy_zps54e8c858.jpg
This shot... oh this shot!
It's a money shot!
{enter Johnny Manziel money sign here}
 photo DSC_7047copy_zpsf4c60bdf.jpg
You turkey!
You've fallen so many times and you still persist!
Where did this hardheadedness come from? 
I'm going to go with- Your father.
 photo DSC_7059copy_zpsade26bde.jpg
You get up there, do you're little table happy dance, and then want Momma to get you down???
You got yourself up, you can get yourself down!
OH what am I saying??? Come here you cute little boy you! {picks up baby and kisses him}
Enrolling in "Softie Momma needs to Harden up Class" now... 
Although, I'm afraid I'll flunk.
 photo DSC_7064copy_zps2069b5fb.jpg

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Born to Fly

We went to a Who-ville parade in Georgetown back in December.
It was crazy crowded!
We told the kids they could pick ONE ride/activity to do... and they picked the bouncer bouncy thingy.
So we got in line and waited.
Who knew the most perfect baby light would come out while we were in line?
This Momma ain't complaining!
Gosh, I love this. The hat, the plug, the furrowed brow... perfect.
 photo DSC_6179copy_zps644e5385.jpg
There's a little smile hiding behind that plug... sweet boy...
 photo DSC_6183copy_zps34058084.jpg
Took a break from the long line and played in the leaves for a while...
 photo DSC_6156copy_zps5406da07.jpg
Finally after about an hour it's Maggie's turn to FLY!
She was surprisingly timid- I think the harness thing made her nervous at first. :)
 photo DSC_6213copy_zps13739412.jpg
Rachel Lynn however was a champ! Daddy gave her a pep talk about trying a flip 
and by golly she did it! There's a heap of determination behind those root beer eyes of hers. 
 photo DSC_61883_zpsbf626af5.jpg
She was born to FLY!
 photo DSC_6191copy_zpsbe036fa5.jpg

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Pink Princess

For her birthday Maggie requested a pink-pink-pink cake.
This is three years running.
I wonder what year will break the pink streak--- I'm going to guess year 6.
We shall see.
All eyes on Maggie and she LOVED it.
 photo DSC_5644copy_zps273f8b3e.jpg
Hail to the Princess Aurora!
 photo DSC_5722copy_zpsc46cf2ef.jpg
Some little girls love ponies, some love dolls, and mine LOVE dress-ups.
The other day Maggie said to me, "Mom, for Valentines Day I want to dress up like Princess Sofia."
I said, "Maggie, we don't dress up in costumes for Valentines day. Just give treats and make heart cookies."
She responded, "Okay Mom, if you go to the store please pick up a Sofia dress for Valentines day."
{Enter stunned Mom face here}
Good Grief.
I guess when I think about it she's right... she dressed up for Halloween, she got an Aurora dress for her birthday, Santa gave her dress-ups for Christmas... why not V-day too???
What have I done?!? hahahaha!
 photo DSC_5706copy_zps08955930.jpg
Look at them pretty shoes!!!
 photo DSC_5718copy_zpse4990863.jpg
 photo DSC_5715copy_zpsa5b55fe8.jpg
And I love every stinkin thing about this picture.
I feel like I could sit down right next her and ask for a bite of cake.
And now my mouth is watering.
I love thee and all thy pinkness! Never grow up!!!
 photo DSC_57461_zpsa7e1a93d.jpg

Super Cool Party People

So all these post are completely out of order. I'm going through all my SD cards 
and picking and choosing which blogposts to do. Right now it's about gaining momentum, so order 
doesn't really matter to me at the moment. haha!

We went down to Houston for Nana's birthday back in November. 
We went out to a FANTASTIC cajun restaurant. Luckily the weather was nice and they 
had a large patio for the girls to play.
Twirling Maggie...
 photo DSC_5506copy_zpse9efd846.jpg
These pictures of her just made me happy. She's growing up so fast.
 photo DSC_5505copy_zps4b8a7f89.jpg
I remember looking through the lens at this shot thinking, "WOW! THOSE EYELASHES!"
 photo DSC_5489copy_zps7d27de9a.jpg
And then we went to our favorite dessert place... DESSERT GALLERY! 
Nana, Pop and the grandkids!
 photo DSC_5548copy_zps71830962.jpg
The whole crew!
I don't know why but when I look at Tyler's full of cake cheeks, I get the sudden rush of panic come over me. bahaha!
Wait for me! Don't eat my cake!
 photo DSC_5565copy_zps9023c1f4.jpg
Luke looks so yummy in this picture!
 photo DSC_5552copy_zpsd180bb7f.jpg
Happy Birthday Nana!
You sure know how to throw a party!!!
 photo DSC_5572copy_zps4d8b6af3.jpg

Donut Dude

Sometimes we surprise the kids with donuts on Saturdays.
They all squeal like little piggys when they see that chocolate sprinkle donut!
 photo DSC_5601copy_zps6edf2bb5.jpg
Those eyes... {sigh}... he has no idea what he does to me!
 photo DSC_5627copy_zpscda3a580.jpg photo DSC_5623copy_zps747dca5a.jpgDonuts are a "GO!" for this little dude! 
Maybe he'll make a good cop like his Pop and Uncle one day... 
He's already got the donut eating down pat! And that is after all the main requirement right!?!?!
 photo DSC_56223copy_zpse0e95ffc.jpg