Sunday, April 30, 2017

Easter 2017

We kept it simple this Easter and decided to go on a family hike. 
There are lots of fun little trails in Austin!
And you know, I think we needed a simple weekend. 
 photo easter20175_zps1twbkvk3.jpg
We found this beautiful little waterfall with blue/green water (yes in Texas!), and decided to get our feet wet! 
 photo easter20178_zpsww1iwbgw.jpg
Jake is pretty excited to explore! 
 photo easter20176_zpstha7veka.jpg
Hey baby boy!!! Whatcha think you're doing?
 photo easter20177_zpskk853ffr.jpg
My big babies! Sometimes, actually all the time- it's the little things in life that are the very best. Blue Texas skies, spring flowers, little waterfalls, and lots of little feet in the water...
 photo easter20173_zpsgnexvkeo.jpg
Sisters. Beautiful beautiful sisters. They make my Mama bear heart roar!!! 
 photo easter20171_zpsdfr9ziou.jpg
And this boy... my first baby boy love! He fills my heart like no one else can! What is it about baby boys?!? 
 photo easter20172_zpsgr9fggfa.jpg
Maggie Ila- she collects things. All the things. Rocks, leaves, even dirt! haha! And I love her in her overalls. :) 
 photo easter20174_zpsyh7brnel.jpg
I just love all these little feet we've created. 
 photo easter20179_zps4jdfb63h.jpg

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Baby Jake's Blessing

I remember this day. I HAD to get pictures of baby Jake in his blessing outfit before he grew out of them! It was a rainy day but I just HAD to go take pictures! 
Oh my baby Jake... these pictures make my heart burst.
 photo Jakeblessing_zpsl5myktao.jpg
Hey there Jake!!!
 photo Jakeblessing3_zpsh0eh6n7b.jpg
That little baby gaze... 
 photo Jakeblessing11_zpsemn2h6tl.jpg
Oh I love him... they grow so fast. 
 photo Jakeblessing4_zpsjekkypbd.jpg
With the older kids I remember rejoicing in new things they'd do and yearn for new things they'd learn. Now, I just cry. STOP GROWING. It's ridiculous. Just pathetic. I've turned into my Mom and my Nana... a bawling mess.
I understand now Mom.
 photo Jakeblessing5_zps81vi1kda.jpg
The greatest accomplishment, the thing I love being most of all is a Momma. 
His Momma... 
 photo Jakeblessing12_zps85rlxd0g.jpg
Beautiful Boy
 photo Jakeblessing2_zpspwmjdian.jpg
And this is my favorite picture of them all! 
I want to gobble him up.
 photo Jakeblessing6_zpsybtauifp.jpg
That one long baby hair on the top of his head!!! My heart!
 photo Jakeblessing7_zpsvrrsbnpv.jpg
You know you're cute don't ya Jake?
 photo Jakeblessing8_zpsdxab3g0o.jpg
I feel like sunshine is just pouring out of him in this picture--- the light of my life! My baby!!!
I just treasure these pictures.
 photo Jakeblessing9_zpsu9widfsj.jpg