Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Rachel's Birthday Party!

Her new "thang" is putting her hand on her chin when I tell her to smile.
 There must be a princess who does this...
 photo DSC_1459_zpsc31f5f28.jpg
Pretty girl!!!
 photo DSC_1473_zpsd472cc36.jpg
Love you Rach.
 photo DSC_1490_zpsd4971b89.jpg
We celebrated with Daddy's yummy BURGERS! Delish!
We were so happy that Nana, Pop, Katie, Steven, and Kelly could come for the big party! Thanks so much for coming guys! It was a blast!
 photo DSC_1507_zps41c2dc5d.jpg
Ready for cake!!! 
I just love this picture.
 photo DSC_1531_zps9328b1a2.jpg
A very tall, very pink, Birthday cake! Oh, and sparkly too!
 photo DSC_1537_zps399d2fa2.jpg
Maggie enjoyed Rachel's party too!
I didn't get a good picture of it but as soon as Rachel opened up a present from Nana that had two new nightgowns in it, Maggie ripped off her dress and put one on. It was hilarious! I think she's learning that Rachel's presents are her presents too... hehe. 
 photo DSC_1542_zpse6694aa5.jpg
Nothing better than getting sung to on your birthday!
 photo DSC_1546_zps16d4d12c.jpg
Make a wish! There's four candles on that cake... sheesh, it goes by so fast!
 photo DSC_1552_zpsbc514109.jpg
Oh looky there! Nana and Pop delivered with a beautiful Cinderella princess dress! 
Oh boy, was she in heaven.
 photo DSC_1571_zpsef90a5f4.jpg
And my awesome friend Telene spotted this FREE bike from a neighbor trying to get rid of it! 
I WANT IT! And of course added the tassels!
 photo DSC_1589_zpsd72cdaa4.jpg
Going for a ride around the kitchen with Daddy...
 photo DSC_1592_zps18a045fc.jpg
Oh my goodness does this picture say it all... 
She's glowing!
 photo DSC_1604_zpsfa2135f1.jpg
As requested by Miss Rachel... A PINKALICIOUS CAKE! 
I think I conquered that request!
 photo DSC_1623_zpsce8e7dc5.jpg
 photo Untitled-891_zpsb8f1e576.jpg
 photo DSC_1628_zps41d7a5fc.jpg

Friday, April 26, 2013

All of life's lesson in one soccer game...

Okay, okay maybe not ALL of life's lessons but A LOT! That's why I was so pumped to put Rachel in soccer. In my life so far, I've learned more about myself on a field, mat, court, or road than I ever did in a classroom. Victory, defeat, discouragement, exhilaration  sportsmanship, teamwork, toughness and the list goes on and on. This game was no exception. I am so proud of my baby girl! It was a great way to kick of her birthday weekend! WHOOP!

Daddy pep-talk...
 photo DSC_1378_zps33712df3.jpg
Pep-talks always work- look at the confidence in that walk...
 photo DSC_1379_zps3f934528.jpg
Game face on!
 photo DSC_1380_zps96186860.jpg
She may be playing soccer but she's still a girl. 
"Oh, I like that uniform your wearing."
"I know it's so red."
 photo DSC_1382_zpsbb19791a.jpg
"Alright kids, which was are we going?"
sidenote: that kids face next to Rachel totally cracks me up!

 photo DSC_1388_zpsf8b91dac.jpg
This is what happened when someone else scored. Discouragement. 
It was someone else on her team too! She is so my daughter. Poor thing. haha!
 photo DSC_1392_zpsd31c002f.jpg
And this is what happened when the coach told her to sit out so some other kids could play.
Again, my daughter.
 photo DSC_1406_zps7068f11f.jpg
Go Rachel Go!!!
 photo DSC_1391_zps11defb44.jpg
SHE SCORED!!!! hahaha! Probably one of my favorite pictures of all time.
 photo DSC_1372_zps6fdb3384.jpg
Close up! I LOVE IT!!!
 photo DSC_1372a_zpsd163c2a1.jpg
And then we to a place the kids have been begging and begging to go to Chuck E. Cheese.
I think the place is cheesy (pardon the pun) and expensive but I gave in... it's birthday time!!!
Think she can make this work? 
Growing up way too fast!
 photo DSC_1442_zpsbb577cc7.jpg

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Party at the Park

I had planned a fun birthday weekend and family party for Rachel but as the weekend got closer I decided to throw an impromptu "Party at the Park".  It was so fun to invite all of Rachel's little friends! I couldn't believe they brought presents! Especially since I called them all just two days before. Talk about making a girl feel special. Thank you so much everyone!

This picture is hilarious!!! 
Rachel was so concerned about Maggie blowing out her candles. Gotta say, I don't blame her. haha!
 photo DSC_1294_zps88219984.jpg
Happy Birthday Rachel Lynn!!!
 photo DSC_1297_zps0d4a8f42.jpg
I have a four year old. How crazy awesome is that! 
She's getting so big and beautiful!
 photo DSC_1304_zpsbd8a9f4e.jpg
Maggie had such a hard time all week with Rachel getting a birthday. Maggie would constantly exclaim, "It's my birthday too!" - "I'm three!" 
Rachel would correct her and of course crying would follow. It's hard to watch your sister have a birthday without you. 
But, I was so happy to see her so excited for Rachel! (And cupcakes, of course)
 photo DSC_1305_zpsfc506b85.jpg
I asked Rachel if she'd like me to help her read her birthday card. She said "No, I can read it myself."
It says, "Abi and Rachel will be best friends forever. Flowers are beautiful. Happy Birthday Rachel!"
I love you too Rachel! And it's true- flowers ARE beautiful. 
 photo DSC_1310_zps93659971.jpg


Our ward had a little Easter Egg Hunt... more like a Easter egg free for all! They weren't hidden at all. Only the fast ones get eggs...
 photo DSC_1004_zps71488947.jpg
Good thing they let the nursery aged kids get a 1 minute head start! 
 photo DSC_1010_zpsd6a7b412.jpg
Instead of stopping to eat candy at each egg like last year, Maggie pressed on and got many more eggs this time...
 photo DSC_1012_zpsab974419.jpg
I love Maggie's face in this one! Can you tell she was thrilled!?!
 photo DSC_1026_zps6d32256c.jpg
I think she knows she's cute. 
Yeah, she definitely knows!
 photo DSC_1050_zpse65ba5c5.jpg
Look at that soft, flowly hair spin!
 photo DSC_1063_zpsdc283408.jpg
After the hunt, we came home and dyed eggs! YEAH!
 photo DSC_1073_zps8f130728.jpg
They were really into it... how ordinary eggs that Mommy can never get them to eat turn such pretty colors- Amazing!
 photo DSC_1083_zps00b69c26.jpg
And then Mommy took them to the backyard and REALLY hid them! 
We hid and found them over and over again! That is until they all broke. Then we just ate some candy! 
And did I mention that we started a new Easter tradition? The heck with ham or turkey- we made ribs. Oh yeah! ;)
 photo DSC_1096_zps007d26e0.jpg

Monday, April 1, 2013

He is Risen!

In the hustle and bustle of our families Easter activities, I forgot a very special personal tradition of mine. This morning I remedied that mistake and spent a quiet moment reading my favorite talk, "Sunday Will Come" by Joseph B. Wirthlin. I know you're not supposed to favorites, but let's face it, we all do. And I know I'm not the only one who has a special place in my heart for Elder Wirthlin. His talks were always so simple, yet always resonated in my heart. And as you can see, they still do. 

Many times going to church feels like a chore. Many times I don't take the opportunity to rejoice and praise my Savior in those three very hectic hours at church. And many times I need to change my attitude as I walk in those chapel doors and realize the real reason why I make the sometimes enormous effort to attend. It's because I know it's where I should be. I know that attending blesses my family in more ways than I'll ever know. And it's because I know it's true. I know that my Savior is risen. 

This talk, "Sunday Will Come", was given in the October 2006 session. As I look back on that time I can't help at chuckle a little bit. You see, I had been married a little less than a month. It was a time where I thought I made the biggest mistake of my life, and felt as if everything was ruined. Sounds dramatic, but it's the truth! Since that time I've learned many things about myself, and about Heavenly Father's plan for me. I've learned not to focus on all the potholes and detours, but simply to be happy along the way. Obviously, I'm no pro at this. But I've come leaps and bounds since that fall conference session in 2006. 

Thanks for indulging my thoughts! Plain and simple-

Jesus Christ is RISEN! Sunday Will Come. 

And with that- It's time for Easter Sunday pictures! 

Are you excited?
Seriously, you'd better be excited. 
Because these pictures were painful! haha! 
I laughed but I'm not kidding. 
Quick question- what's the perfect time for taking Easter pictures? The day before? Then they get dirty before you ever wear them to church. Plus, who whats to get all done up and do it again it less than 24 hours? After church? How do you stay pretty during church!? Before church? And ruin the spirit before you ever walk into sacrament meeting with grouchy kids? 
I'm conflicted.

Okay, here we go! The only decent family picture.
Maggie, Maggie, Maggie... what is your deal with family pictures? What a stinker! 
You should have seen her when I gave Rachel candy for smiling and wouldn't give her any. 
I thought it'd be good motivation. 
 photo DSC_1135_zpsb0ad85f2.jpg
Rachel cooperated though. She was beyond thrilled about Easter.
 photo DSC_1146_zps299f6ab4.jpg
And she's seriously too pretty for her own good. Good thing her Daddy is a Ranger. 
 photo DSC_1161_zps305d52d8.jpg
Easter is my favorite! And the fourth of July of course. ;)
 photo DSC_1170_zps516b04a2.jpg
Maggie is smiling! I'll take it! 
I didn't feel too stressed about getting great shots since we'll be wearing the same outfits to my brothers wedding in a month! 
Killing two birds with one stone. I'm awesome. haha!
 photo DSC_1214_zps4b36dda9.jpg 
This dress definitely spins different than my other dresses... I think I like it! 
 photo DSC_1220_zps4ac7654f.jpg
Oh my word. 
That's all I have to say. 
Actually, there's one thing- Is this really MY daughter? 
Yep, she's got my face. 
 photo DSC_1222_zps078e2ad6.jpg
This was the best Easter I think I've ever had! The whole three-day weekend was marvelous! I wasn't feeling "too" sick, we played in the sunshine, we got lots of to-do's done, we learned about the Savior as a family, and we hung out in the hammock a bunch.
Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.
I love this guy. So so much!
And just a side note- my hair my seriously beautiful and curly until I walked outside. 
Just so you know. 
HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! I hope it was wonderful.
 photo DSC_1269_zps4d7d1de7.jpg