Thursday, April 11, 2013


Our ward had a little Easter Egg Hunt... more like a Easter egg free for all! They weren't hidden at all. Only the fast ones get eggs...
 photo DSC_1004_zps71488947.jpg
Good thing they let the nursery aged kids get a 1 minute head start! 
 photo DSC_1010_zpsd6a7b412.jpg
Instead of stopping to eat candy at each egg like last year, Maggie pressed on and got many more eggs this time...
 photo DSC_1012_zpsab974419.jpg
I love Maggie's face in this one! Can you tell she was thrilled!?!
 photo DSC_1026_zps6d32256c.jpg
I think she knows she's cute. 
Yeah, she definitely knows!
 photo DSC_1050_zpse65ba5c5.jpg
Look at that soft, flowly hair spin!
 photo DSC_1063_zpsdc283408.jpg
After the hunt, we came home and dyed eggs! YEAH!
 photo DSC_1073_zps8f130728.jpg
They were really into it... how ordinary eggs that Mommy can never get them to eat turn such pretty colors- Amazing!
 photo DSC_1083_zps00b69c26.jpg
And then Mommy took them to the backyard and REALLY hid them! 
We hid and found them over and over again! That is until they all broke. Then we just ate some candy! 
And did I mention that we started a new Easter tradition? The heck with ham or turkey- we made ribs. Oh yeah! ;)
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Unknown said...

Easter ribs sound amazing! I think we might have to start that tradition too : )

Unknown said...

Oh, and I love Maggie's boots with her dress : )Super cute girls you have.