Sunday, December 18, 2016

THE Baby

Jake is THE baby of the house. 
THE Baby.
My last baby.
Okay, I'm about to make myself cry. Yes, it is really that easy to make me cry. 
I am a mother. It's what we do.
 photo DSC_4804 copy_zps1fuyodfn.jpg
My little man!
(6 months)
 photo DSC_4811 copy_zpscy8v1y4b.jpg
I always joke with my kids that the baby of the house is ALWAYS my favorite because babies are the cutest! Now when he grows up the challenge will be... how do I not favor him forever!!!???!!! 
I mean look at him! AHhhhhHHHhhh!!!
 photo DSC_4825 copy_zpsh1dyfshe.jpg
That baby grin! 
 photo DSC_4824 copy_zps4iodq25i.jpg
I love how my bookend babies resemble me and the middle babies resemble Tyler. 
Rachel and Jake both have dark hair and dark eyes. Rachel's are definitely dark brown, and Jakes are this deep swampy green that I'm guessing will turn brown eventually. 
 photo DSC_4830 copy_zpspcxkz4mp.jpg
Be still my heart. 
Jake, my baby, I love you more than you'll ever know.
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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Halloween 2016

Well howdy there friends! Guess what? I'm blogging! haha! 
Come to find out having four kids, running a new business, and life is general has knocked me on my back. But here we go! I ain't giving up!

I went to the Disney store back in September. 
Wait, let me back up a bit. Halloween used to always be a stressful time for me. As a young, ambitious mommy I always sought out to create the cutest costumes for my kids. Having four I've learned there are more important things. Like dinner and bath time. hahaha!
Not kidding. 
Anyway, back to the disney store. I walked in... and bought four costumes.
Pocahontas, Maleficent, Buzz, and Woody
 photo DSC_5475 copy_zpsuk1otkdc.jpg
We've been on a Toy Story craze over here! LUKE LOVES BUZZ! 
And I must say he's the cutest one! He pretty much jumps off of everything and yells--- "To infinity and beyond!" It's the cutest. 
And would you look at that Woody! 
He's my favorite deputy! hehe...
 photo DSC_5482 copy_zpsc2nlad0y.jpg
Oh Jake... You're the cutest Woody I ever did see!
 photo DSC_5567 copy_zps07s9lwzs.jpg
My heart... oh my heart! I love him!!!
 photo DSC_5505 copy_zpsb5wnxjzu.jpg
These girls. haha! These costumes sooooo suit them.
 photo DSC_5517 copy_zpsbqffrq2w.jpg
Everything about this picture... The wings, the converse, the lollipop...
 photo DSC_5543 copy_zpsmjohn1at.jpg
 photo DSC_5538 copy_zpszacgpw7v.jpg
She has been asking to be Maleficent for two years! Finally got it! 
Maggie is my wild child. She loves scary things and all things halloween. 
Her Daddy made her staff... complete with glass ball...
 photo DSC_5562 copy_zpsocm05gxc.jpg
"Maggie, show me your evil face..."
 photo DSC_5536 copy_zpsgar3ljti.jpg
So beautiful, and those crazy teeth coming in make me so happy! 
 photo DSC_5553 copy_zpsre1k7tk7.jpg
 photo DSC_5549 copy_zpsslw2jjww.jpg
And my beautiful Pocahontas! 
I can't believe how much she has grown up in the past year. And with the make-up she makes me want to cry. 
Stop stop stop stop stop stop stop!!!!!!!!!
 photo DSC_5528 copy_zpsrugrdmsk.jpg
Those dark brown eyes... Love that Rachel girl! 
And that's a wrap! 
 photo DSC_5535 copy_zpsnhibtfyw.jpg