Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"Sleeping Slippers"

Our night-time routine is pretty much solid as a rock around here. 
I mean if all else goes wrong during the day-
If we wake up late,
miss our naps,
get sick,
get bit by fire ants,
or even if a tornado hits-
our bedtime routine would probably remain the same. 
First we read some books and a scripture story... 
 photo DSC_5150_zpsfb0a98b0.jpg
And Rachel can never forget her "sleeping slippers". She wears them every single day without fail. Got them after Christmas for only 2 bucks! Who knew they'd be such a hit?
 photo DSC_5143_zps6de4a56b.jpg
And then we say prayers,
sing "A bushel and a peck",
followed by Rachel and Maggie asking a zillion questions and stalling with all their might!
Kisses and Hugs.
"Sleep tight and Sweet Dreams"
And then...
We shut the door.

The sun goes down and without fail it comes back again followed by two little bedheads asking for some chocolate milk. 
Life is sweet.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

To Our Daddies...

I can't imagine my life without my wonderful father or the father or my children. I felt so blessed to get to spend Father's Day with each of them this year! 

Having a family with you has made me the happiest wife in the world. I love watching you with your girls and I can't wait to see you with your son. I just can't explain it!!!! It's takes maybe 2 seconds of watching you with your children to know that you would give anything, do anything for them. You are our superhero Daddy! I love you.
These girls have no idea how lucky they are to have gotten this Daddy...
 photo DSC_5162_zpsade80be6.jpg
I like this one of Pop with his grand-daughters... no wonder he and Nana hop on the motorcycle and drive 3 hours to see these beauties...
 photo DSC_5176_zps047e771b.jpg
I can already see it! Rachel calling up her Pop for advice. 
Let me tell you- he gives the BEST advice. 
 photo DSC_5186_zps1f697d66.jpg
Giving kisses is serious business around here if you can't tell! 
Must grab a hold of that face and everything!
Gotcha Daddy!
 photo DSC_5216_zpsced43021.jpg
I love you so much! 
I'm absolutely positive that I got the best Dad in the world for me. You have always made me so happy, and I am so glad that my girls also get to experience first hand what it's like having you in their corner. 
They can't lose.
 photo DSC_5227_zpsebd08cc6.jpg
After church and a much needed nap on the couch we made a special Father's Day dinner! WHOOP!
 photo DSC_5231_zps1ce1a9ab.jpg
Then we made Daddy and yummy chocolate cake! 
It was awesome.
 photo DSC_5267_zps1d82b611.jpg
Maggie made sure Dad got plenty of cake... hehehe...
 photo DSC_5289_zpsfa35b72d.jpg
Then Daddy made Rachel and Maggie burritos!
 photo DSC_5314_zps19365cb8.jpg
Have you ever had a Rachel and Maggie burrito?
They're delish! ;)
 photo DSC_5315_zps0964283c.jpg
And then they wrestled and wrestled... a perfect Payne family ending!
 photo DSC_5324_zpsdd4cb36b.jpg

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Where I Come From- Great Grandma and Grandpa Payne

 There were several reasons why the girls and I decided to head up to Weatherford earlier in the week- number one being that Great Grandma and Grandpa Payne were driving all the way from New Mexico to see Mom Payne graduate. We haven't had the opportunity to spend much time with them and I could see this blog post back in my Mommy brain developing.
Family history in the making- except even better because Grandpa Payne took Rachel out on a horseback ride!
 photo DSC_4554_zps6fbf51ec.jpg
Isn't this one awesome???
 photo DSC_4553_zps1e1c2d08.jpg
FYI- Grandpa Payne is 87 years old. Still runs 1/4 of a mile every morning, gardens, and takes his Grandkids out on the horse.... Can you say ROCKSTAR?!
.. photo DSC_4559_zpsa0fb5cab.jpg
Oh dear, this picture makes me want to laugh and punch a wall at the same time. MAGGIE!!! I know you're sleep deprived, overstimulated, and an overall booger right now but these are your Great Grandparents!!! Just take the darn picture!
or not... gotta love the look on Grandma's face- I think we had the same look... haha!
 photo DSC_4573_zps01ca730d.jpg
I had a great time sitting around asking them questions. My favorite one was how they met.
Apparently he went out with some friends dancing and stole his friends date! His friends date being the future Mama Payne. Needless to say, they weren't much of friends anymore! haha!
I love stories like that. That is a REAL Man folks! It ain't over till you take her to the temple! hehe!
It was so fun to get to know them a little better! Thanks for the memories Grandma and Grandpa- hopefully we'll be seeing you again soon!
At least one of my children cooperated... Love that girl.
 photo DSC_4578_zps8fe3ea98.jpg

Monday, June 10, 2013

Before Church Snack...

The winner is usually apples... 
(notice how Maggie has already ripped her bow out.. sigh... at least there's evidence that I do try! hehe)
 photo DSC_4929_zpsc7a4d589.jpg

My Soccer Trophy

Welp, just like that Rachel's first season of soccer has come and gone. I loved watching her play and she sure loved to play! 
 photo DSC_4899_zpsaaa33cef.jpg
If I had to sum of Rachel's attitude during this season the two words I'd use are-
fierce and emotional...
 photo DSC_4900_zpsddb2ebb8.jpg
Oh, and don't forget girly! haha!
She blew a kiss after every score.
Yeah- she came up with it on her own.
 photo DSC_4905_zps7e11063d.jpg
The whole team went to Sonic after their last game to celebrate and hand out trophies!
 photo DSC_5055_zps99e65e40.jpg
I love this series of Miss Maggie...
Sometimes she takes my breath away...
 photo DSC_5018_zps6c822365.jpg
I love this girl!!!
 photo DSC_5019_zpsdd457dfd.jpg
Okay, this is it--- Her little profile just KILLS me. 
 photo DSC_50271_zps13e2b2ed.jpg
Everything is better with a cherry on top...
 photo DSC_5047_zps565902a7.jpg
Trophy time! Of course she volunteered to go first before the coach could even pull them out!
Such a little attention hog! haha!
 photo DSC_5060_zps50bf1a55.jpg
And of course I've got the wrong angle and most climatic point. Sheesh! I swear sometimes I couldn't be in the right place at the right time to save my life. 
Oh well- as you can see, it was a very proud moment! 
Great Job Rachel girl! 
Love ya to pieces ;)
 photo DSC_5062_zps22b1c5f8.jpg

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Blogger's Woes and an "In the Moment" Post...

Oh my GOODNESS GRACIOUS! I have been in the land of computer problems. It's not a fun place to be. Like, it's even worse than sitting in the doctors office with two children. Seriously!!! I hate computer and website problems. I am so stickin' behind it's not even funny! BAH! Anyways- I'm so excited that these pictures seem to be working right now! YAY! And it's my favorite kind of post- it's an "In the Moment" post. I hate playing catch-up! My favorite thing ever is "In the Moment" blogposts! They are so refreshing! This is our life right now! I'll probably be mixing it up between "In the Moment" and "A Long Way Ago" for a while just to keep my sanity. My OCD tendencies kick in when I post out of order, but I'm pretty sure my sanity is more important! Wish me luck!

Our neighborhood pool is the bomb! Rachel has been asking if it's summertime since March! 
Water babies...
 photo DSC_4936_zps89e3a680.jpg
I love it when Daddy comes to the pool with us... it's a lot of work otherwise! haha!
 photo DSC_4963_zpscdda44fc.jpg
Best FHE ever!
 photo DSC_4971_zps6677267f.jpg
Yep, she is one happy camper. ;)

 photo DSC_4977_zps50273087.jpg
Playing until the sun goes down.
 Life doesn't get much better.
 photo DSC_4948_zps479fe805.jpg