Saturday, November 23, 2013

Luke William Payne

Choosing the perfect name for our children had never been a challenge until Luke came along. 
I know that Rachel Lynn was meant to be Rachel Lynn and Maggie Ila was meant to be Maggie Ila. With both, the spirit confirmed to me so strongly that those were their names. No question about it, no changing it. 
Luke was different. I agonized over choosing his name. No confirmations, no peace on the matter. Even days after we brought him home I would ask Tyler, "Are you sure Luke is right?" 
Tyler replied, "Yes, he is our Luke. Luke is just right."
Tyler was right- Luke is perfect.
The name has settled on me more and more as the days go by and as little Luke's personality starts to surface. I love this little boy so much! He is such a sweetheart. He gives me big smiles all day long (after a full tummy of course!). I already can't imagine this crazy life without him. 

We have an amazingly talented photographer in the ward--- who happens to live only two doors down from us! I asked her if she'd be willing to coach me through a newborn session. Honestly the last thing I wanted to do 8 days after a C-Section is a photo shoot, and I am so glad that I asked for help or it probably wouldn't have happened. They turned out soooo great! My friend shot some and I shot some… it took 3 hours to get these between the pee, poop, spit-up,fussiness, and wiggliness! We were both sweating by the end of this photo shoot! 

Here are the shots she got--- LOVE THEM!
This one makes me want to buy a new lens…. like bad. I think it's my favorite of them all.
 photo ZR6I0044_zps4ffc56b1.jpg
So why Luke you may ask? 
 Because there's nothing like a good, strong, MANLY name. 
I love that it's common, yet not so common. I love that its a good cowboy name. I love that it's from the Bible. It is just right for this little man. 
Definitely the cutest little man I've ever seen!
 photo ZR6I0115_zps78b4e5eb.jpg
Why William for his middle name?
Some of you may not know that Tyler's first name is actually William. 
As is his father and his grandfather. We feel honored to have the pass down name of such amazing men and didn't want to let it stop at Tyler. 
So William it was! 
 photo ZR6I0083_zpsf0fafb8d.jpg
I am in love with this close-up. 8 days old and already has them chubby cheeks! And I love to look at his little fist in this one. 
 photo ZR6I0104_zps2185a8cd.jpg
Those first few weeks I was just baffled every time I looked at him… A boy? Really, I have a son?
 photo ZR6I0145_zpsf53d1478.jpg
Absolutely no mistaking him for a girl… I love his masculine features. 
 photo ZR6I0153_zps7f6294bc.jpg
And here our the ones I took…
hehehe… love that football beanie...
 photo DSC_7086_zpscee4c80f.jpg
Doesn't this one just make you swoon? 
 photo DSC_7074_zps2f5c1e11.jpg
I love how this one focuses your attention to his nose and brow… I already think he looks like his Daddy. 
 photo DSC_7071_zps538d432b.jpg
And this one would be my favorite of all the ones I took… mighty proud of this one!
Everything from his toes to his little face… perfect.
 photo DSC_7062_zps7b456f19.jpg
This one is a close second… fun angle!
 photo DSC_7051_zpsc39d60f7.jpg
Can't forget a little toesies picture! 
Nothing like baby feet. 
nothing nothing nothing!
 photo DSC_7040_zps4d25293c.jpg
Yes, it's just right. ;)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013!

We kept it super simple this year and wore our dress up clothes for Halloween. 
The cure my Mom guilt I bought the girls some princess shoes and tiara's to complete their ensemble. 
They didn't complain! Not to mention they were ESTATIC to get to wear "Mommy's makeup!" haha.
Rapunzel and Cinderella… 
 photo DSC_7156copy_zps42c79f7c.jpg
Daily I tell Rachel how beautiful she is… it goes something like this…
Mom: "Rachel, you are soooooo beautiful!!!"
Rachel: "I know Mom."
It makes me so happy that she know's how beautiful she is. I hope this never changes. 
 photo DSC_7194copy_zpsee74d929.jpg
Miss Maggie… 
 photo DSC_7203copy_zps6cee8b4c.jpg
Just beautiful! She has the Cinderella look down.
 photo DSC_7205copy_zps423d45ab.jpg
My favorite!
 photo DSC_7214copy_zps56d9ede8.jpg
Whoever thinks brown eyes aren't stunning need to look at this picture… Sometimes it's hard to capture the sparkle of brown eyes but once you do they are breathtaking. 
 photo DSC_7229copy_zps6bd0e07e.jpg
Luke was asleep in the baby carrier during all the festivities but I got a few instagram pictures the day after… 4.5 weeks old!

Hey there little boy! Next year you'll be all into the Halloween business, but for now… let's cuddle. ;)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Luke William Payne

Our little man is finally here!!!

Much like the night before I went in to have Maggie; I couldn't sleep a wink. Not to mention I was the most uncomfortable I have been the entire pregnancy in those last few hours. I'm sure that those little babies know they're about to be here and they are as anxious and jittery as you are. Two anxious jittery bodies in one makes for a long night.
I got up at 4am to shower and make the final preparations.
And then we headed to the hospital!
This is right before they wheeled me into the operating room… 
 photo DSC_6628copy_zps8ea61c03.jpg
I'm going to take a minute here and speak a little about my C-Section experiences.  Having Rachel was an extremely painful experience for me- emotionally and physically. I agonized for years after having to have an emergency C-Section with her, mostly because I feel so strongly that it could have been avoided. Sometimes I feel as if something so sacred- natural childbirth- as been denied me. Every time I become pregnant this sorrow comes back and I fight feelings of trying to go for a natural birth regardless of the risks. However, every time I pray I know that this isn't the answer for our situation.
I am a very strong and independent person. I like to get things done myself.
But this is something that I've have to lean completely on the Lord and my husband to overcome.
With all this being said, I move forward and think of all the positive and beautiful moments I've had with my C-Sections. Each time it gets easier- mostly because I know how to prepare myself and because I research and find the best doctors. I am so grateful for my opportunity to be a Mother and a healthy body that allows me to have children. I still am in awe in all that the human body is capable of, and how quickly people can heal. It's just remarkable.
 The fun part about C-Sections is knowing when the magic is going to happen. I love the knowing. As we drive to the hospital and the moment draws closer and closer, there's a spirit in the air that can't be denied.
This time was the best of all because this time Tyler got to be here with me. For Rachel, I was put under and neither of us experienced her first moments. For Maggie, Tyler was at Ranger School. And this time for our Luke, we both got to do it together.
There was a peace that came over me as soon as Tyler entered the operating room and they began the procedure. My amazing doctor had the biggest smile and my husband was squeezing my hand.
Doesn't get much better than that!
And then, before we knew it… Luke arrived!
A whopping 7lbs 14 oz! 20 inches long!
 photo DSC_6670copy_zpsd7450dea.jpg
It felt like an eternity before they handed him to me, although it was only a few minutes.
For me, this is the strongest craving, biggest urge, and most earnest desire I've ever felt----
 photo DSC_6677copy_zpse420bc2d.jpg
First kiss…
 photo DSC_6676copy_zps4ae55679.jpg
After my first kiss the whisked him away to check his lungs… he wasn't crying as loud as they would have liked due to the amniotic fluid in his lungs.
Tyler got to go back with him while I was still getting stitched up.
He took lots of cute pictures… only MINUTES OLD!!!
 photo DSC_6682copy_zpsc125f05d.jpg
They kept trying to make him cry but he wasn't having it…
"What do ya'll people want? I'm chilling out here!" hehe
 photo DSC_6681copy_zps7a482965.jpg
I was going crazy in recovery waiting for them to come back.
Luke will you please cry for the doctors?
Then came all my demanding texts to Tyler---
I WANT TO HOLD MY BABY! Give me my baby! What in the world is taking so long? Is he okay??? Punch a nurse and bring him to me now! (okay, not that one but I thought about it… haha)
Isn't he the cutest baby ever???!!!
 photo DSC_6678copy_zpsa5a3b212.jpg
Awwwww, finally.
Hey there little man, I've waiting a long time to hold you in my arms.
 photo DSC_6683copy_zps559e1d93.jpg
Momma and baby…
 photo DSC_6686copy_zps18a8ec2d.jpg
We did it!… Again!
 photo DSC_6690copy_zps0afc8e0d.jpg
Having a few peaceful moments with Daddy before the girls arrive...
 photo DSC_6726copy_zps5e3fa488.jpg
We could hear the girls coming from all the way down the hall. It was like a stampede! 
Of course Rachel was more than ready to finally hold her baby brother.
 photo DSC_6698copy_zpsb01e6a27.jpg
She's been asking every night before bedtime for months now… 
"And when is Luke coming again, Mom?"
Look at her face… love at first sight.
 photo DSC_6699copy_zps62821279.jpg
Kisses for Luke...
 photo DSC_6705copy_zps0ee5bde0.jpg
Maggie's turn to hold him! 
She thought he was pretty cool too...
 photo DSC_6708copy_zps4aaab3e7.jpg
She loves the baby… but gets tired of him real quick. Unlike Rachel who is willing to pass on dinner to keep holding the baby.
 photo DSC_6709copy_zpse9fb8412.jpg
Counting fingers and toes… Yep, they're all there!
 photo DSC_6711copy_zps9952d778.jpg
Nana and Pop with their first grandson...
 photo DSC_6722copy_zps96328e0f.jpg
Grandma Payne getting her first dose of little Luke… with Rachel nearby of course...
 photo DSC_6719copy_zps1c3c9572.jpg
The next couple days in the hospital were wonderful with Tyler there. 
He was so helpful and supportive. Made me feel like a champ when I stood up for the first time, encouraged me as I took my first unbearably slow walk around the nursing station, and held me up as I cried in the shower. Oh and don't forget assured me I was as beautiful as ever and that I'd be feeling better in no time. 
Husband of the year???… ahhh, YEAH!
 photo DSC_6734copy_zpsea07e9a9.jpg
I always forget just how tiny those little feet are.
Pure perfection.
 photo DSC_6739copy_zpscc9ddfcf.jpg
Welcome to the Payne Family little Luke!
We love you more than you'll ever know.
 photo DSC_6755copy_zps4043070e.jpg