Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013!

We kept it super simple this year and wore our dress up clothes for Halloween. 
The cure my Mom guilt I bought the girls some princess shoes and tiara's to complete their ensemble. 
They didn't complain! Not to mention they were ESTATIC to get to wear "Mommy's makeup!" haha.
Rapunzel and Cinderella… 
 photo DSC_7156copy_zps42c79f7c.jpg
Daily I tell Rachel how beautiful she is… it goes something like this…
Mom: "Rachel, you are soooooo beautiful!!!"
Rachel: "I know Mom."
It makes me so happy that she know's how beautiful she is. I hope this never changes. 
 photo DSC_7194copy_zpsee74d929.jpg
Miss Maggie… 
 photo DSC_7203copy_zps6cee8b4c.jpg
Just beautiful! She has the Cinderella look down.
 photo DSC_7205copy_zps423d45ab.jpg
My favorite!
 photo DSC_7214copy_zps56d9ede8.jpg
Whoever thinks brown eyes aren't stunning need to look at this picture… Sometimes it's hard to capture the sparkle of brown eyes but once you do they are breathtaking. 
 photo DSC_7229copy_zps6bd0e07e.jpg
Luke was asleep in the baby carrier during all the festivities but I got a few instagram pictures the day after… 4.5 weeks old!

Hey there little boy! Next year you'll be all into the Halloween business, but for now… let's cuddle. ;)

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