Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ring Day

We got our rings on friday!!! It has finally dawned on me that I'm actually going to finish school. It's an exciting thought and a scary thought at the same time. When we got married two years ago, I was unsure about a lot of things especially being able to finish school. Tyler knew how important it was to me, and we decided together that we would make it happen. And LOOK!, it's actually going to happen!!! CRAZY! haha.
Anway, Friday was a really fun night. Tyler and I went to go pick up our rings and Chris (a friend from church) agreed to take pictures of us. Then we went with a big group out to eat and went and saw 007 at the movies. It was a blast.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Good News

Things have been SUPERDUPER busy lately! I'm taking 19 hours with 4 labs! GROSS! and Tyler has started Grad School! GROSS AGAIN! So yeah, we basically study study and study some more!

And.... I'M GOING TO HAVE A BABY! (My daddy didn't like "knocked-up", I should apologize my sense of humor can be inappropriate at times) Yes, I know that this is old news to most of you but I thought it was time that I officially announced it! Tyler and I are very excited!!!! I am almost 16 weeks along and the due date is April 16th. My belly is growing, but you can't really tell at all. So yes, I will graduate in December (fingers crossed) and we'll have an addition to our family in the spring. :)

Other than that... we have just been lovin life. We are so grateful to have eachother, a great family, and lots of good friends here in College Station!!!

(the ultrasound is at 13weeks!)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Aggie Rings!

If ya'll didn't know already, getting an Aggie Ring is pretty much equal to or more exciting for students on campus than actual graduation day. It is a pretty big deal, and I don't think I've met anyone yet who isn't getting their aggie ring. I remember sitting in class one day and telling a friend that I thought it was stupid to spend that much money on a ring. I said that I'd rather get something useful for graduation, like a mountain bike or something. Everyone just looked at me like I was stupid and said... "Are you crazy? You're an Aggie, you've gotta get the ring!" hhahaha. I thought about it quite a bit... and then started to want one. hahaha PEER PRESSURE!

No, but it really is a cool tradition. I've met a few ole' Ags from the 50's that wear their ring everywhere. When I go to Houston to visit family, I always see people with their ring on. Tyler and I talked about it and decided that it'd be a good buy. Plus, we've earned it... so we ordered our rings!!! They come in Nov. 14. We're gonna be plannin a ring-dunk sometime around then, so get ready. (another Aggie Tradition, you've gotta dunk the ring in a gallon of beer and catch your ring between your teeth at the end, don't worry we'll be using something else besides beer! haha)

Sunday, August 31, 2008

First March-In

My Handsome Husband!
Here comes the Aggie Band

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nauvoo Family Trip

Me and my Mommy
Inside Carthage Jail

The Gateway Arch
Porter Rockwell Plaque... Mike and I's favorite!
Blacksmith Shop
Good lookin Boys!
Sorry Dad, Mike's taller

Playing games in the car
Visiting Mike the Tiger
"been so lonely, I could die"
In the elevator thingy at the Gateway Arch

Right when I got home from Africa, I went on a family trip to Nauvoo!!! It was just Me, Mommy, Daddy, and Mike since Tyler was still at LDAC (stupid LDAC!), but it was still soooo much fun! We kind of went the scenic route since there were other cool places we wanted to see.
First, we went to Baton Rouge because my Dad can't pass up an opportunity to get some good cajun food. He had been wanting to try this catfish etouffee platter that he saw a sports news guy eat on ESPN College Gameday. hahaha, Gotta love my Dad. And I'm sure glad we stopped there because it was gooood. :) I suppose I've been brain-washed since I was a little girl about LSU, but I just think the campus is absolutely beautiful. I love all the big Magnolia trees. :)
Then, we drove through the Natchez Trace, and stopped at a few cool historic stops along the trace. Stayed the night in Yazoo, Mississippi, and headed to Tennessee.

Then, we stopped in Memphis, the city of blues!... saw Elvis's house and the heartbreak hotel!!! But didn't go inside the house. It costs like 27 bucks a person just to go in his house! Jeez.

Next was St. Louis Missouri, home of the Gateway Arch! I loved this. They've got a museum and a elevator thing so you can go all the way up to the top of the arch!!! I believe it was 630 ft tall. (I bungeed taller than that!!) I love learning about the old American west! It was very cool.

Then, we finally made it to Nauvoo and Carthage to drop Mike off at EFY. My parents and I got to go and do a session in the temple, and we also went to a few shows, went on a carriage ride, saw the Joseph movie, and went to all the historic homes. You know, I would write about the experience, but I honestly can't put it into words. Nauvoo is a magical place and has inspired me to learn more about church history. I can't wait to go back with Tyler someday!

Monday, August 18, 2008

More Pics...

Wild Dogs
Warthog Shot through the head
Sarah and I looking for something to shoot
MacMac Falls
Brown Snake Eagle!
Game Drive
Baby Lion... can still bite your hand off though
Sarah, Amy, and I with our Masks!

Cape Buffalo
Baby Rhino!!! He was found abandoned
Nazerene Church... close to Orpen


Bats!!!! they were everywhere, and pretty big too! One of my favorites! They are right outside our van!!! See the baby??!
Warthogs... funny creatures
Waterbuck... been sitting on the toliet too long, haha
Purple Roller

The rest of the whole trip was mostly Kruger National Park and also lots of game ranches and breeeding facilities. WAY COOL STUFF!!! I tryed so hard to pick a favorite African animal but I just can't! They are all sooo cool, especially when you learn interesting facts about them. Here are a few pictures of the rest of my African adventure...

I tryed to write down every animal I saw... heres the list...
African Fish Eagle
White Rhino
Cape Glossy Starling
Tawny Eagle
Red Crested Korhan
Lilac-breasted Roller
African Hoopoe
Brown-headed Kinfisher
Thick-billed Cuckoo
Purple Roller
Fork-tailed Drango
Long-tailed Shrike
Ground Hornbill
Maribu Stork
Silver backed Vulture
Grey Heron
African Spoonbill
Cape Buffalo
Brown Snake Eagle
Eygtian Goose
Eagle Owl
Sea Urchins
Southern Right Whale
Humpback Whale
Red Hartebeest
Blue Wildebeest
Black Mamba- at the Reptile Park
Bloom-Sang- at the Reptile Park
Puff Adder- at the Reptile Park
Snouted Cobra- at the Reptile Park
Horned Puff Adder- SO COOL, on the side of the road... Toby picked it up and played with it (there are advantages to having a Herpitologist on the trip!)
probably more but I can't think of them....

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hukuna Matata!

So, I've been delaying updating our blog for a while now because I just don't have time to make it look good! (summer school) I took about 2000 pictures! But, I figure I better start little by little. AFRICA WAS AMAZING! I loved every second, and wish I could go back! The country and it's people are beautiful. I'll start off with where exactly we went... here they are in order:
Plettenburg Bay
Port Elizabeth
Kruger National Park
Lots of Game Ranchs Inbetween
South African Wildlife College (near Orpen)
Ivys Safari's Ranch

Plettenburg Bay

View from the Top
Bloukrans Brigde
Skywalk to the bridge

About to Jump!
5,4,3,2,1 BUNGY!!!!!
Everybody that jumped and the worker dudes!

Pretty Views from the Van!
Check out that Rainbow! We saw a total of 9 on our trip!
After hiking in the rain! We were soaked!
Wildlife Majors! WHOOP!!!

We drove from Capetown to Port Elizabeth and stopped in Plettenburg Bay on the way! Basically it was our free day! Everyone got to decide what they wanted to do... shop, sleep, do laundry, hike, kayake, etc. Aylssa, Sarah, Toby, and I decided to wake up early and go hike Robben Pennisula and then go sea kayaking. This was what I was the most excited about because it is whale season!!!! Southern Right Whales and Humpback whales were all in the bay!!! It was kind of a stormy day, so we didn't see much.. but we did see one southern right whale and two humpbacks (a momma and her calf). It was very very very exciting! I love marine mammals! :) But anyway... it was funny when we got past the shore and we where kayaking around... the guide rowed up to us and I asked him if there were in sharks in bay... he said only little ones come in the bay in the summer... but Great Whites come in for their huge feeding freenzys in the winter. Then he just paddled off really fast. Sarah and I sat there for a minute, staring at the water right next to us thinking.... It's winter in South Africa right now! haha

The next morning on the way out of Plettenburg we stopped at the highest bungy jump in the WORLD!!!! At least that is what they advertized, but I think it's actually the highest bridge jump in the world. Anyway, it was freaking HIGH! 216m to be exact! (which is like 708 feet (taller than the gateway arch in St. Louis!) and I thought I was going to crap myself. Just thinking about it gets me so excited to do it again! I remember sitting there getting all strapped up thinking... Well, one day I'll have kids and I'm sure I'm going to want to jump off a bridge at some point, so at least I'll know what it feels like without actually dieing! haha. It was sooo awesome!