Friday, July 24, 2009

Baby Emotions







Theres nothing good on TV

This is what she did when we showed her a picture of my brother Josh. We can relate.

Babies don't know much, but if all actors could portray emotions as good as babies movies would be a lot better. Everything is so real to babies. It makes life a lot funner.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Baby Jess & Rachel

My wife has left me to visit family for the week, and I already miss them. I picked up some photos we had taken of Rachel, and thought it would be cool to compare the two.

I would say that little Rachel is developing a personality of her own, but I really think she is just developing her mom's personality. She loves attention, but is the happiest person in the world. I love you girls have a fun time in Colorado.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Rachel loves playing with Daddy
Only half of FHE attendance at the Payne's- Do you see why they need a whole addition added to their house?
Cousin Lizzy LOVES Rachel. She always wants to hold and kiss her.
Nana and Pop competeing for attention
Chillin in the bumbo

I love summertime!!!! We went to Weatherford for July 4th and had a blast hangin with family! Rachel is three months old now and already has a personality of her own. She is a little attention munch-hound! (just like her mother)... she loves people to talk to her and entertain her. I put her in her bouncer and use other toys... but what she loves to play with most is people!! It is hard to get anything done but hey... I'm getting the most important thing done anyway. :)