Thursday, July 31, 2014

Next stop- The Cabin

After the beach we headed to one of my favorite places on earth- My Grandpa's Cabin. 
We cooked smores... if you'd call it that, more like had a ton of fun burning marshmellows! haha!
 photo DSC_1536copy_zps85a20628.jpg
Wake up call- 5:30am
Wouldn't have it any other way if it means fishing with Grandpa.
Isn't the lake beautiful at sunrise? 
A little piece of downhome, backwoods, Texas swamp heaven.
 photo DSC_1546_zpsb8b56c7b.jpg
I caught a few fish- Grandpa took a picture of this one for me!
 photo DSC_1555copy_zps8a9ea2b9.jpg
Lots and lots of gators! I love how you can see Button's ears in this picture! haha!
 photo DSC_1560copy_zps398f2902.jpg
And back to the cabin for breakfast... I spy two little girls...
 photo DSC_1565copy_zps28340faf.jpg
My cute little family! Minus sleeping Luke.
I can't believe how much Dixie has grown. I need to do a Dixie/kiddo photo shoot ASAP!
 photo DSC_1573copy_zps3942442a.jpg
And a few Instagram pictures... 
One of their favorite things to do! Catch perch and crawdads down in the bar-ditch.
 photo IMG_2825_zps68decf35.jpg
I'm so glad that I caught this picture! Maggie just went over to Grandpa Barrow, got real close, and held his hand. 
I love love love love love this picture.
Sometimes pictures aren't about the clarity, aperature, or landscape... 
sometimes they are simply about the moment.
Thanks for the all the wonderful moments Grandma and Grandpa! 
We can't wait to come again!
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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Let's drive until we hit the water!

Rachel welcomes you to the...
 photo DSC_1506copy_zps5966968e.jpg
We made it!!! The ocean!
Rachel was by far the happiest to be at the beach. She loved every minute, got completely wet, and I had to remind her several times not to go too deep!
 photo DSC_1510copy_zps966fe743.jpg
Maggie didn't care much for getting wet, but loved exploring the beach. She found rocks, shells, and sticks! hehe
 photo DSC_1449copy_zpsc30712a6.jpg
I just love this picture of Dixie. Couldn't tell you why, just do.
 photo DSC_1523_zpsefb35332.jpg
Dixie wasn't sure what to think of the water. She followed the waves up and down the beach.
 photo DSC_1518copy_zpsb973bee6.jpg
Ummmm, cutest baby on the beach award?! I think yes.
 photo DSC_1439copy_zpsd5e46484.jpg
Luke loved braving the waves with Daddy!
 photo DSC_1502copy_zpsdf79ef42.jpg
 photo DSC_1501_zps145c1d78.jpg
Look at those cute baby toes! Makes my heart feel full. 
Our trip to the beach was a success!
 photo DSC_1467copy_zpsb79c7685.jpg