Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Let's drive until we hit the water!

Rachel welcomes you to the...
 photo DSC_1506copy_zps5966968e.jpg
We made it!!! The ocean!
Rachel was by far the happiest to be at the beach. She loved every minute, got completely wet, and I had to remind her several times not to go too deep!
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Maggie didn't care much for getting wet, but loved exploring the beach. She found rocks, shells, and sticks! hehe
 photo DSC_1449copy_zpsc30712a6.jpg
I just love this picture of Dixie. Couldn't tell you why, just do.
 photo DSC_1523_zpsefb35332.jpg
Dixie wasn't sure what to think of the water. She followed the waves up and down the beach.
 photo DSC_1518copy_zpsb973bee6.jpg
Ummmm, cutest baby on the beach award?! I think yes.
 photo DSC_1439copy_zpsd5e46484.jpg
Luke loved braving the waves with Daddy!
 photo DSC_1502copy_zpsdf79ef42.jpg
 photo DSC_1501_zps145c1d78.jpg
Look at those cute baby toes! Makes my heart feel full. 
Our trip to the beach was a success!
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Pop and Nana said...

Love those beach babies! Tyler sure has cute swim trunks....Pop wishes he can have some like that....Not!....lol