Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bringing Home Dixie...

We got a dog.
Just let that sink in a little... we got a dog.
We have two kids and a baby and... we got a dog.
I know. I keep letting it sink in, and it keeps rising back up to the surface.
We got a dadgum puppy.

Tyler and I have been dreaming of our first family dog for some time. In college, we decided that we'd get a blood hound and name him Earl. Isn't that just a perfect name for a bloodhound? haha!
Then we started thinking maybe we'd get a lab, after all everyone in my family gets labs.
And then we stumbled across a breed we have never heard of before... the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.
They were BIG, they were BEAUTIFUL, and they were GENTLE.
This became our new dream dog.
I always told Tyler we'd wait until we were through having kids to consider a dog, but then I broke my own rule.

I was just looking around and fell upon a breeder out of Sugarland, TX. I couldn't believe I found a swissy breeder in Texas! Then noticed that they had just had a litter. Interesting.
"Maybe I should just call and ask", I thought to myself. "No harm in asking right?"
They had ONE that wasn't spoken for. So what'd I do?
I called my Dad and asked if he'd go down and take a look at the puppies.
He did, and picked out the one he thought had the best temperament. We were lucky, and happened to get the one he thought was best. 
I called Tyler- he said to get the dog. I agonized over the price and whether or not it was the right decision... and then concluded that we would do it.

Before we knew it, the kids and I were in the car headed to Brenham to pick up our sweet Swissy puppy from my parents.

We got there first and decided to set up camp in the town square pavilion... Luke loved it.
Doesn't this picture make you eat that little baby neck?! Sweet boy.
 photo DSC_1279copy_zps42ad7e17.jpg
Rachel- doing what else? Posing. haha
 photo DSC_1277-Recovered_zpsb623ea4f.jpg
We're getting a puppy today!!!
 photo DSC_1268-Recovered_zps39cc7f9f.jpg
Love those smiles!
 photo DSC_1267-Recovered_zps73bf5ba6.jpg
Love at first sight!
 photo DSC_1283copy_zps5ef37def.jpg
And there she is! Our PUPPY!
 photo DSC_1289copy_zps71642a2f.jpg
Most. Favorite. Picture. Ever.
Luke loves the dog! Does this every time she comes around.
 photo DSC_1300copy_zps69742e36.jpg
Love this one! Pretty light, pretty girls, pretty pup...
 photo DSC_1344copy_zps826ce1c7.jpg
And here are a few of Dixie in all her glory! 
 photo DSC_1349copy_zpsf462a1df.jpg
We had the hardest time deciding on a name.
We had our boy name all panned out- it was going to be Ranger. Of course. haha
But a girl?! 
Dixie just felt right.
 photo DSC_1351copy_zpsf47eb28e.jpg
Prettiest dog I've ever seen. For realz...
 photo DSC_1352-Recovered_zps3e210df1.jpg
Daddy got home from AT at about the same time we got Dixie home. 
I was worried I'd have to compete for attention there for a moment! haha!
 photo DSC_1360_zps1d72b405.jpg
After the initial shock wore off, I realized that this was going to be a lot of work.
So far, it hasn't been too bad. We are still figuring out eachother. 
Nap time is Dixie-Momma time and I love it!
I was so worried that I wasn't going to be a dog person, but as it turns out- I am! (at least I think I am! ha!) 
Somehow my heart made extra room just for Miss Dixie.
Welcome to the family Dixie!!!
 photo DSC_1407copy_zps582871c4.jpg


Glen and Kris Payne said...

Can't wait to meet Miss Dixie this week!!

Kate said...

Dixie is a cutie and what beautiful markings. Have fun with her. The kids are growing fast. They are beautiful too.