Friday, September 19, 2014

Luke and Danger! - Part 1

Since Luke has been 7 months old, his favorite place has been right here at the baby gate.
I've often pondered how much of a child's personality is attributed to their parents. Whether environment plays a role or whether it's simply how they were before coming to earth.
After three babies I've come to the conclusion that much of it is genetic.
Genetics has just got to play a role in our personalities and how we became families in the pre-earth life. It's just got to. There's no other explanation for why Tyler and I have such crazy kids!
It's just what I think- you don't have to agree! haha.

Figuring it out... That little mind is churning...
 photo DSC_2757-Recovered_zpsb55e5f85.jpg
Talking to the danger...
"Hey Danger, how you doing today?"
 photo DSC_2762-Recovered_zps2f5b185e.jpg
Can you tell that this is his very favorite spot in the whole house?
 photo DSC_2775-Recovered_zpsd46abdbb.jpg
Shake that danger!!! 
 photo DSC_2727-Recovered_zps59d2c1dd.jpg
Every time the gate gets left open he's there quicker than lightning! 
In fact, sometimes he waits at the bottom of the stairs. When someone opens it, 
he'll make his move.
 photo DSC_2725-Recovered_zpsffb5b605.jpg
And well, this picture has nothing to do with danger, but I ADORE it. 
It's SOC (straight out of camera-no editing), and I think it's perfect.
I just love the light and the softness!
 photo DSC_2792-Recovered_zps92a6ac56.jpg
And if you're wondering if he has fallen---
Yes he has.
Several times! And there's tile at the bottom. He cries. A lot.
And he just keeps climbing and playing with danger.
It's just gotta be the genetics! Danger is a dominant gene and Tyler and I must both have it.
Just a theory. ;)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

8 years!

This week we are celebrating EIGHT years of marriage! Holy Smokes! 
When I say it out loud it seems like such a long time, but in my heart it was only a moment ago.
I'm not sure if this will make sense to anyone reading it, but this year we've learned that we are much better at being awesome when things are hard than when things are good. hahaha!

Yeah, I'm pretty sure no one understood that. But it's true.
This year we've been learning how to be consistent, support each other while not keeping score, and putting the other ones needs ahead of ourselves.
For us, this is sometimes much harder than the BIG unpleasant trials. Because instead of putting our head down and plowing through (what we're good at), we have to make small, diligent, sometimes monotonous choices to be better than the day before. 

I love this picture of my man! It's so candid and it's right after when walked out of the temple.
He's so happy!
 photo C020_zpsa62fbbbf.jpg
This is one of my favorites...
I love that I choose bright, happy colors for our wedding. 
 photo C086_zpsbee7b630.jpg
I love being married to this man! He makes me happier than I ever thought imaginable.
 photo C040_zps8b45d8c7.jpg
I can't think of anyone else I'd rather wrestle through this life with. 
Because wrestling through is far better than walking.
It's how we roll. haha!

Happy 8 YEARS! 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My Lunch Date

My days are ordinary. 
Clean up, get kiddos ready, run errands, eat lunch, naptime... you know, the usual.
There's nothing grand or fancy about my life when you look on it from the outside.
But I say- Grand is in the eye of the beholder.
Nothing is grander than spending my days with my babies. 
Bread, apple slices, and yogurt melts... Sounds like a fancy lunch to Luke! haha!

Let's see if I can get a smile outta this boy!
 photo DSC_2681copy_zps2a0931e5.jpg
A-ha! There it is! 
He is my JOY! Oh how I love being his Momma!
 photo DSC_2643copy_zpsde395330.jpg
Baby profile shots steal away my heart... that fuzz head... I can't handle it!
 photo DSC_2638copy_zps445a4c3e.jpg
Those baby blues... how did we manage to have blue-eyed babies?
Maggie's used to be this blue... they are a hazy blue/yellow/green now... time will tell what happens to Luke's...
 photo DSC_2651copy_zps96bf486e.jpg
Bright eyed and bushy tailed...
 photo DSC_2650copy_zpsae1ef71e.jpg
This is how my boy eats... always with those toes up on the tray...
 photo DSC_2668copy_zps7083758f.jpg
I love you son.
Thanks for the fancy lunch date. 
Let's do it again tomorrow.
 photo DSC_2687copy_zps57e2e59b.jpg