Sunday, May 31, 2015

Kinder Graduation

Rachel survived kindergarten.Revise- I survived kindergarten.Rachel, however, kicked kindergarten's booty!
For real though, she did. The year started out rough. She was behind in reading and was really struggling with the new schedule. I worried about her a ton. But now she loves school and is right where she needs to be in reading. I'd like to take the credit, but I can't. She did it all!!!Gooooo Rachel!!!!!!
When I got the email about kindergarten graduation I have to admit that I had no idea that kindergarten graduation was "a thing". And when we arrived to the school that morning I saw entire families all dressed up, balloons, and cookies decorated with "Congrats Grad" on them.Immediately Mr. Incredible's statement came to mind..."It's psychotic! They keep creating new ways to celebrate 
mediocrity but if someone is genuinely exceptional..." 
Seriously folks, they're just moving from kindergarten to the first grade.

I came in with this opinion, but mind you I left with an entirely different one.
I balled.
And I swear my mind flash forwarded to her high school graduation. I vividly saw a beautiful, 18 year old, root beer eyed lady walk across a stage. It was Rachel. And she was grown up.

I blinked and saw this... thank goodness she's still little...
 {sigh of relief}
 photo DSC_0466 copy_zpsadhvealg.jpg
Getting ready to her big moment! 
 photo DSC_0465 copy_zpsuzk9669o.jpg
Her class was the first to line up...
 photo DSC_0486 copy_zpsehvp27sh.jpg
And there she is!!! 
My little graduate!
And yes, she posed like that.
So Rachel...
 photo DSC_0494_zpswaxfkbx6.jpg
She held it for a long time... the principle was like, "okay, you're done..."
Oh that girl! She comes by it so naturally...
 photo DSC_0495 copy_zpsnwltwojv.jpg
Remind me to stop blinking.
I keep trying by my involuntary bodily responses keep kicking in... it's impossible.
I can't believe how fast time goes by!
On to the first grade!!!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Little Boy with Chocolate Chips

After church everyone needs a snack and a nap.
This mama needed a sit down. 
So I poured a handful of chocolate chips on the counter and headed for the couch.
Then he was just too cute. 
So I got my camera...
 photo DSC_0332 copy_zpsjuufkdid.jpg
I took his plug! heehee!
That sneaky Mommy! Caught red handed!
 photo DSC_0317 copy_zpsz2s2zkpj.jpg
Little boy, are those chocolate chips good?
 photo DSC_0371 copy_zpsuioc4vgw.jpg
Those toes... always pressed up against the wall. 
Sometimes I clean the toe smudges.
And sometimes I don't.
 photo DSC_0358 copy_zpslkzuommd.jpg
There's a fierce love I have for this little boy.
It's incredibly hard to explain.
Basically, there's nothing I wouldn't do for this little dude.
 photo DSC_0372 copy_zpsujc1smll.jpg
 photo DSC_0374 copy_zpsxvimvybf.jpg
When'd you get so dadgum big!?
Cut it out little boy!!!!
 photo DSC_0375 copy_zpsuxu9hrzb.jpg
After he ate his chocolate chips and got his new shirt completely slimed, 
we headed upstairs to rock.
I love to rock him.
It's my favorite.
And the perfect reward for making through church with these three hoodlums!
Happy Sunday!
 photo DSC_0378 copy_zpslnublhfh.jpg

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mr. Wiggles

Tyler found a snake in the backyard.
Naturally, he bought inside the house. 
(insert huffy breath)
Despite Mommy's enthusiasm, the kids LOVED it.
Except possibly Rachel... as you can see by her expression here,
 it took some time to warm up to Mr.Wiggles. 
 photo DSC_8594 copy_zpsdbsj2nwi.jpg
Truly and completely Maggie was the true owner of this snake.
She named him.
She watched movies with him.
She never let him out of her sight.
Except that one time she did and we found him a couple days later in the downstairs bathroom.
(insert another huffy breath)
 photo DSC_8600 copy_zpsi8sfdiv1.jpg
Period. Exclamation Mark. End of story.
 photo DSC_8433 copy_zpsktglsgua.jpg
Those eyes...
 photo DSC_8584 copy_zpsohdhvfko.jpg
So excited about Mr.Wiggles!!!
 photo DSC_8576 copy_zpsee9shemc.jpg
Just fascinating! lol!!! 
 photo DSC_8492 copy_zps8gmytk0z.jpg
Momma says- Who cares about Mr. Wiggles! Check out this picture of my boy!
(holds up camera to show everyone the awesome picture...)
***no one looks***
How rude.
 photo DSC_8552 copy_zpsuoppeqlw.jpg
Its funny the things that can make a child's day.
A garden snake is all it takes for a great day in the Payne household.
If Daddy ever brings in a scorpion or tarantula there will be no pictures.
Except possibly one of my dead husband.
Sort of.
No really I'm kidding! ;)
 photo DSC_8514 copy_zpsr9p00pvd.jpg

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Juice Box Simplicity

"There is a beauty and clarity that comes from 
that we sometimes do
not appreciate in our thirst 
for intricate solutions."
Dallin H. Oaks

I have found so much joy in simplicity. 
Simple days bring me happiness and peace.
Simple days make my heart full.
Simple days remind me of what matters most.
 photo DSC_8678 copy_zpseg3oioxz.jpg
One of the greatest blessings of being a Mother of small children is simplicity.
I treasure it.
I know soon enough our lives will bombarded with endless activities and extra curriculars.
Heck, we could engage in these now.
But I choose not to overbook our little family.
 photo DSC_8712 copy_zpszclckutp.jpg
Because there is peace and joy in our simple days.
Our juice box simple days.
"Mom, can you open this juice-box?"
 photo DSC_8736 copy_zpsyd8vvh2t.jpg
Don't get me wrong- we love sports and art and music! 
And we try to do a little at a time.
Because more than anything I want to play with my children while they still love to play with me!
 photo DSC_8985 copy_zps5jpf7vlu.jpg
Oh Maggie Maggie Maggie--- 
I love your smile.
 photo DSC_8989 copy_zpspn23rcou.jpg
It's a lesson I seem to need to learn over and over again. 
And each time I learn a new reason why simplicity is best.
Juice Box simplicity.
Now that's the stuff!
 photo DSC_8997 copy_zpspmas9zlh.jpg

Bikes and Bluebonnets

After the strawberry patch we came home for the PARTAY!!!!! 
Rachel was pretty excited for her strawberry birthday cake!
 photo DSC_9318 copy_zpscoruj95z.jpg
Six candles!
 photo DSC_9315 copy_zpso4rhcsiy.jpg
And heres the big one! 
She got a bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now lets hope she learns to ride it sometime soon! haha!
 photo DSC_9334 copy_zps5sramxyl.jpg
I know most kids learn the bike way earlier, but thing is this is the first time we've had a decent driveway and neighborhood to try this! 
Learning that balance has been tricky!
 photo DSC_9339 copy_zpsbmdgeks4.jpg
Luke and Pop...
 photo DSC_9385 copy_zpsilp0oo8w.jpg
Off to explore!!!
 photo DSC_9394_zpsypqub7uy.jpg
We found a bluebonnet patch and decided to take a few pictures.
This one cracks me up because Mariela was so stinking worried about 
rattlesnakes! haha!
 photo DSC_9413 copy_zpszwptidci.jpg
Oh my parents!!
Gotta love 'em!
 photo DSC_9416 copy_zpsslzfss0c.jpg
One with the girls 
(Luke was throwing rocks with Daddy- way too focused to move him to the bluebonnet patch!)
 photo DSC_9445 copy_zps4zu53xkb.jpg
We are so glad everyone could come out and celebrate Miss Rachel with us!
It was one of those weekends that get you through
 the rest of the month and make you longing for more.
Happy Birthday Rachel!
 photo DSC_9436 copy_zpshdfys0cx.jpg

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Strawberry Girls

A few weeks ago Rachel came up to me and said, "Mom- I want a big POOL party for my birthday party this year!" (With really big excited eyes!)
To which I replied, "I'm sorry honey, you're not a summer baby, you're a spring baby and pools aren't open in the spring."
As soon as Rachel began to wallow I exclaimed, "You're a spring baby and do you know what that means??!!??!!? It's means we get to go to the strawberry patch!!!!"
Sad frown turned upside down. Since that moment there has been no talk of a pool party.
But every other minute there was, "Mom how many more days until my party at the strawberry patch?" hahahaha!

We counted down the days and it finally came! Strawberry Patch day!

It was foggy and misty that morning. And it was 100% chance of rain.
But I had a good feeling.
We HAD to go. Nothing else would do!
My Mommy intuition payed off and it was perfect. A little drizzly and muddy- but perfect.
Scoping out the strawberry rows...
 photo DSC_9007_zpsa4izpmi2.jpg
Found a big one!
 photo DSC_9023-Recovered_zpschksf3jo.jpg
What a cute little birthday girl!
 photo DSC_9024-Recovered_zpsh3im4uje.jpg
Luke helped himself to has many strawberries that he could fit in his mouth.
 photo DSC_9020-Recovered_zpsczvszaef.jpg
Everyone got muddy that day but no one got as muddy as the Lukeman.
 photo DSC_9053-Recovered_zpsezmzxt0e.jpg
The much anticipated train ride!!!!!!!!
All aboard!
Miss Rachel---
aka: Miss Strawberry Queen
 photo DSC_9065-Recovered_zpse3kb8w0l.jpg
Miss Maggie---
aka: Miss Ladybug Queen
 photo DSC_9067-Recovered_zpsbsfzmkio.jpg
Daddy and Mr. Luke (who wasn't so sure about this train ride thing)---
aka: Mr. Muddy Britchers
 photo DSC_9071-Recovered_zpslemiakhw.jpg
Chugg-a-Chugg-a-Chugg-a-Chugg-a- CHOO CHOO!
 photo DSC_9105-Recovered_zpsrfrpfurq.jpg
I'm already dreaming of making something similar when we have land and grandkids.
It's gonna be amazing.
Just wait and see. ;)
 photo DSC_9099-Recovered_zpsrtx7doaw.jpg
Look at that long and lean little girl!
ahhhhh! I feel so old!
 photo DSC_9125-Recovered_zpsw70yxy7t.jpg
Blurry Goodness right here!
 photo DSC_9115-Recovered_zpsjtprtnc1.jpg
The Luke jumpster!!!
 photo DSC_9143-Recovered_zpsjnckcspv.jpg
Flying Strawberry Queen!!!!
 photo DSC_9121-Recovered_zpssckaglsr.jpg
The Strawberry Birthday Girls!!!
Rachel's birthday is the 7th and Mariela's the 10th! 
Double PARTAY!!!!!
We were so excited to celebrate with them!
 photo DSC_9195 copy_zps8zzv8lav.jpg
Feeding the goats. 
The kids can never get enough of this!
 photo DSC_9227-Recovered_zpssvlbslj5.jpg
Little boy muddy heaven...
 photo DSC_9245-Recovered_zps8zlgvrsf.jpg
Miss Strawberry and Miss Ladybug having a good ole' time!
 photo DSC_9237-Recovered_zpsyl5buadv.jpg
I absolutely love this picture!
Hazy, misty strawberry field and Miss Ladybug jumping the rows...
 photo DSC_9259-Recovered_zpsmxtk3lmp.jpg
The only group picture we got before Luke threw a fit! 
He must have known it was a girly ladybug... haha...
 photo DSC_9270-Recovered_zpsg1jjfmzd.jpg
As we were leaving I spotted lots of Indian Paintbrush patches!!! I hadn't seen any over in our neck of the woods so I about FLIPPED!!!!
Indian Paintbrushes are my absolute favorite and have been since I was a girl.
I'm so proud of the lady Rachel has become! Just LOOK at her! 
You can see straight through that pure little heart of hers. You're such a joy Miss Rachel Lynn!
 photo DSC_9272-Recovered_zpsaoivwxz1.jpg
Oh my goodness gracious... 
I love love love this picture!
 photo DSC_9284 copy copy_zpszbjrzwdb.jpg
Thanks Mariela for taking a few a Rachel and I! I love them!
Like Mother like Daughter!
This picture makes my heart burst.
 photo DSC_9290 copy_zpsbvkilqgk.jpg
Favorite. Day. Ever!
 photo DSC_9295-Recovered_zpstm4cgekb.jpg
Happy Birthday my sweet girl!
I LOVE YOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 photo DSC_9292-Recovered_zpsvjwu5qdi.jpg