Monday, May 11, 2015

Mr. Wiggles

Tyler found a snake in the backyard.
Naturally, he bought inside the house. 
(insert huffy breath)
Despite Mommy's enthusiasm, the kids LOVED it.
Except possibly Rachel... as you can see by her expression here,
 it took some time to warm up to Mr.Wiggles. 
 photo DSC_8594 copy_zpsdbsj2nwi.jpg
Truly and completely Maggie was the true owner of this snake.
She named him.
She watched movies with him.
She never let him out of her sight.
Except that one time she did and we found him a couple days later in the downstairs bathroom.
(insert another huffy breath)
 photo DSC_8600 copy_zpsi8sfdiv1.jpg
Period. Exclamation Mark. End of story.
 photo DSC_8433 copy_zpsktglsgua.jpg
Those eyes...
 photo DSC_8584 copy_zpsohdhvfko.jpg
So excited about Mr.Wiggles!!!
 photo DSC_8576 copy_zpsee9shemc.jpg
Just fascinating! lol!!! 
 photo DSC_8492 copy_zps8gmytk0z.jpg
Momma says- Who cares about Mr. Wiggles! Check out this picture of my boy!
(holds up camera to show everyone the awesome picture...)
***no one looks***
How rude.
 photo DSC_8552 copy_zpsuoppeqlw.jpg
Its funny the things that can make a child's day.
A garden snake is all it takes for a great day in the Payne household.
If Daddy ever brings in a scorpion or tarantula there will be no pictures.
Except possibly one of my dead husband.
Sort of.
No really I'm kidding! ;)
 photo DSC_8514 copy_zpsr9p00pvd.jpg


Josh and Denise said...

Jess! These pictures! That Luke shot!!! Gahhh. Ps. I loved snakes as a kid, too.

Pop and Nana said...

Amazing pictures! The snakes will get bigger as the kids get older! Just say'in! So save some more huffy breaths!! Hehe

Glen and Kris Payne said...

Huffy breaths here - and they are just pictures LOL. Love the name wiggles - that is how my stomach feels.