Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Rachel Lynn is SIX YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!

Somebody pinch me... 
Yep, Rachel is still SIX YEARS OLD!
I seriously can't believe how quickly time passes. 
Rachel has always been my little Aggie girl. I still remember the times I spent being a brand new Mommy in College Station while Daddy finished school. It was such a sweet time in my life. Rachel taught me how to love in a way I never knew existed. I quickly learned that a Mother's love meant giving all your heart, time, energy, and talents to one tiny little individual. 
It meant long nights and long days. It meant lots and lots of laundry. It meant never having a completely clean household again. It meant reading and researching the best ways, and how-tos.
It meant someone else always coming first. It meant lots and lots of worry. It meant lots and lots of prayer. It meant lots of cuddles and giggles. It meant lots of being me- the real me--- being silly and happy. It meant dancing in the middle of the living room floor and exposing everything in me to this one little person.
In short, it meant my life would be forever changed.

Rachel, thanks for being my first little angel. 

Thanks for picking me as your Momma.
Thanks for loving me and forgiving me every time I learn a new Mommy lesson.
I sure love you.

Rachel's birthday landed on a regular school night this year, and although we had planned a big party on Saturday we still wanted to make the day special.

I made her favorite dinner, Chili and then we went on a fun family walk.
Rachel loves to share (most of the time) with her sister and brother. And she loves to be in charge. lol!
 photo DSC_8832 copy_zpswc7tlaat.jpg
You can always find Rachel at the table with the tape, scissors, glue, and crayons. She loves to bring me her artwork which I gladly stick on the fridge for a day or two. ;)
 photo DSC_8840 copy_zpsli52etzh.jpg
Rachel is inherently good. And I mean GOOD. She has this desire deep down in her to make others happy. She'll frequently just tell me that she loves me and that I'm the best Mom ever. And every time I ask her what she'd like to be when 
she grows up her response is- "A Mommy!!!!"
I love having this one has my sidekick. 
 photo DSC_8822 copy_zpssrl780zu.jpg
And Rachel is BEAUTIFUL! 
Even with messy hair and chili on her face she's gorgeous! In fact- I think it helps! haha!
Those root beer eyes get me EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.
 photo DSC_8827 copy_zps20rkb7vx.jpg
After our walk we came home to chocolate cake!!! WHOOP!
 photo DSC_8941 copy_zpse0byjrw1.jpg
I think I know what she's wishing for... 
A Bike.
Happy Birthday Rachel Lynn!!!!!!!!!
 photo DSC_8953 copy_zpsdlslodfs.jpg
And just a couple more pictures because I can't help myself!
She's perfect. That's all.
 photo DSC_9585_zpsxkqoars5.jpg
She's such a beauty! And my favorite thing is that she knows it. 
I wish that always and forever my girls remember just how beautiful they are!
 photo DSC_9558 copy copy_zpsap2cqnog.jpg

 photo Untitled-rach_zpsfg4dosgp.jpg

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Glen and Kris Payne said...

Dear Rachel, I love you soooo much! I was so impressed the last time I was there with what peacemaker you are. I can tell that you really do try to be like Jesus - and you are doing a pretty great job of it. Love you! Love you! Love you!! Grandma Payne