Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Strawberry Girls

A few weeks ago Rachel came up to me and said, "Mom- I want a big POOL party for my birthday party this year!" (With really big excited eyes!)
To which I replied, "I'm sorry honey, you're not a summer baby, you're a spring baby and pools aren't open in the spring."
As soon as Rachel began to wallow I exclaimed, "You're a spring baby and do you know what that means??!!??!!? It's means we get to go to the strawberry patch!!!!"
Sad frown turned upside down. Since that moment there has been no talk of a pool party.
But every other minute there was, "Mom how many more days until my party at the strawberry patch?" hahahaha!

We counted down the days and it finally came! Strawberry Patch day!

It was foggy and misty that morning. And it was 100% chance of rain.
But I had a good feeling.
We HAD to go. Nothing else would do!
My Mommy intuition payed off and it was perfect. A little drizzly and muddy- but perfect.
Scoping out the strawberry rows...
 photo DSC_9007_zpsa4izpmi2.jpg
Found a big one!
 photo DSC_9023-Recovered_zpschksf3jo.jpg
What a cute little birthday girl!
 photo DSC_9024-Recovered_zpsh3im4uje.jpg
Luke helped himself to has many strawberries that he could fit in his mouth.
 photo DSC_9020-Recovered_zpsczvszaef.jpg
Everyone got muddy that day but no one got as muddy as the Lukeman.
 photo DSC_9053-Recovered_zpsezmzxt0e.jpg
The much anticipated train ride!!!!!!!!
All aboard!
Miss Rachel---
aka: Miss Strawberry Queen
 photo DSC_9065-Recovered_zpse3kb8w0l.jpg
Miss Maggie---
aka: Miss Ladybug Queen
 photo DSC_9067-Recovered_zpsbsfzmkio.jpg
Daddy and Mr. Luke (who wasn't so sure about this train ride thing)---
aka: Mr. Muddy Britchers
 photo DSC_9071-Recovered_zpslemiakhw.jpg
Chugg-a-Chugg-a-Chugg-a-Chugg-a- CHOO CHOO!
 photo DSC_9105-Recovered_zpsrfrpfurq.jpg
I'm already dreaming of making something similar when we have land and grandkids.
It's gonna be amazing.
Just wait and see. ;)
 photo DSC_9099-Recovered_zpsrtx7doaw.jpg
Look at that long and lean little girl!
ahhhhh! I feel so old!
 photo DSC_9125-Recovered_zpsw70yxy7t.jpg
Blurry Goodness right here!
 photo DSC_9115-Recovered_zpsjtprtnc1.jpg
The Luke jumpster!!!
 photo DSC_9143-Recovered_zpsjnckcspv.jpg
Flying Strawberry Queen!!!!
 photo DSC_9121-Recovered_zpssckaglsr.jpg
The Strawberry Birthday Girls!!!
Rachel's birthday is the 7th and Mariela's the 10th! 
Double PARTAY!!!!!
We were so excited to celebrate with them!
 photo DSC_9195 copy_zps8zzv8lav.jpg
Feeding the goats. 
The kids can never get enough of this!
 photo DSC_9227-Recovered_zpssvlbslj5.jpg
Little boy muddy heaven...
 photo DSC_9245-Recovered_zps8zlgvrsf.jpg
Miss Strawberry and Miss Ladybug having a good ole' time!
 photo DSC_9237-Recovered_zpsyl5buadv.jpg
I absolutely love this picture!
Hazy, misty strawberry field and Miss Ladybug jumping the rows...
 photo DSC_9259-Recovered_zpsmxtk3lmp.jpg
The only group picture we got before Luke threw a fit! 
He must have known it was a girly ladybug... haha...
 photo DSC_9270-Recovered_zpsg1jjfmzd.jpg
As we were leaving I spotted lots of Indian Paintbrush patches!!! I hadn't seen any over in our neck of the woods so I about FLIPPED!!!!
Indian Paintbrushes are my absolute favorite and have been since I was a girl.
I'm so proud of the lady Rachel has become! Just LOOK at her! 
You can see straight through that pure little heart of hers. You're such a joy Miss Rachel Lynn!
 photo DSC_9272-Recovered_zpsaoivwxz1.jpg
Oh my goodness gracious... 
I love love love this picture!
 photo DSC_9284 copy copy_zpszbjrzwdb.jpg
Thanks Mariela for taking a few a Rachel and I! I love them!
Like Mother like Daughter!
This picture makes my heart burst.
 photo DSC_9290 copy_zpsbvkilqgk.jpg
Favorite. Day. Ever!
 photo DSC_9295-Recovered_zpstm4cgekb.jpg
Happy Birthday my sweet girl!
I LOVE YOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 photo DSC_9292-Recovered_zpsvjwu5qdi.jpg


Josh and Denise said...

This post makes me so happy. I love every picture and every description! Why is Texas so big? I need a Payne fix!

Rifka Jensen said...

I love your posts! You have the most precious family.. EVER!