Monday, February 23, 2015

Love Day at the Park

We spent Valentines Day on a picnic at Zilker Park.
It was perfect. And the weather was lovely.

The Lukeman had so much fun! Seriously, he was in baby heaven. 
Freedom! Run! Play! Snack! Throw stuff! Wander! Climb! Dance! Chase!
 photo DSC_7947copy_zps764d087f.jpg
Hey buddy!!!
 photo DSC_7946copy_zps7c9bc61c.jpg
The Magster blowing bubbles...
 photo DSC_7889copy_zpse2ea818b.jpg
I had to go a bit underexposed to catch all the bubbles... super fun to take pictures of!
 photo DSC_7860copy_zps0d926ff7.jpg
What do I love about Miss Rachel?
I love her chocolatey brown eyes. I love her little Mommy heart. And I love her determination at everything she tries.
 photo DSC_7809copy_zps3b021930.jpg
What do I love about Miss Maggie?
I love her vibrant spirit. I love her cutesy contagious giggle. And I love her passion and love for life.
 photo DSC_7807copy_zps0462a23c.jpg
The girls had to take their boots off and play in the chilly creek...
 photo DSC_7984copy_zps84c2ef86.jpg
Luke loved it! 
 photo DSC_8009copy_zps41e65c99.jpg
What do I love about Mr. Luke?
I love love love that he loves his Momma. I love his adventurous spirit. I love his dance moves. And I love his baby cuddles.
 photo DSC_8040copy_zpscc46b9fa.jpg
What do I love about Mr. Payne?
I love that he brought me tulips for Valentines day. I love how he stands by my side through good times and bad. I love how he provides for all our needs- physical and spiritual. 
And I love the man that he is. Every day I am honored to be your wife. 
Jess Payne
 photo DSC_80583_zpsb8881abe.jpg

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


It was a pretty Valentines eve here in Texas last week. 
I got the hankering for a photo shoot, so we went out to see what Momma could capture.
This shot is just fun. The sun was doing some weird things that night... it was cloudy then not cloudy, sunny then not sunny. It made for an interesting haze on these pictures.
 photo DSC_75312_zpsaab77808.jpg
Look Momma! A bird!!! 
 photo DSC_7572ecopy_zps9947a09f.jpg
Oh Luke, Will you be my Valentine???
 photo DSC_7578copy_zpsc8dee221.jpg
Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top?
 photo DSC_75792_zps764970b3.jpg
He accepted. 
It was either me or Rachel. 
I won.
Cuz I'm Momma.
 photo DSC_75942_zpsf9cf906f.jpg
These two silly sisters!
 photo DSC_76062_zps2339b9f2.jpg
Pink, hearts, kisses, flowers... all things these two LOVE.
 photo DSC_76082_zps04a0bea6.jpg
Roses are for Rachel 
Mmm ... mmm... mmmusic is for Maggie??
I need to work on my lovey dovey poetry skills. Obviously.
 photo DSC_76112_zpsb3711637.jpg
These two keep growing like weeds. 
I warn them that I'm going to start strapping bricks to their heads so they'll stop growing!
 photo DSC_76192_zpsfbfc25e3.jpg
Hey pretty girls!!! 
 photo DSC_76232_zps44110a10.jpg
Now for the fun part...
I relinquished my lip gloss. Maggie was in hog heaven. I get to hold it? I get to squeeze it all by myself???
The things you do for good pictures.
To her it was a work of art. Perfect. 
 photo DSC_7719_zpsb94c522c.jpg
Rachel is a pro at this now. She can even keep it on her lips. :)
 photo DSC_77424_zps4c463e92.jpg
Time to KISS LUKE!!!
 photo DSC_7741copy_zps0ce102ab.jpg
 photo DSC_7783copy_zps29233aeb.jpg
 This is starting to get intense. 
Kissing means business for Miss Rachel and Miss Maggie...
 photo DSC_7765copy_zps45723f63.jpg
Oh no! 
Anybody seen Luke?
 photo DSC_7755copy_zps13d0a1e2.jpg
Ahhh! There he is! 
 photo DSC_7757copy_zps6211c769.jpg
Not cool sisters.
Not cool.
 photo DSC_7767copy_zps6fe560e8.jpg
The End. 
I hope your Valentines Day was filled with lots and lots of kisses.....
but not too many. ;)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Love Goggles

We were sitting down enjoying a talk around the table after preschool when Maggie busts out her love goggles she made. I died laughing. Then reached for my phone to take a picture and thought, "No! Go get your real camera." So I did.

Valentines Day is almost here!!!! 
Do you have your love goggles on???
 photo DSC_7471copy_zps57430689.jpg

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Maggie the School Girl

At the start of the year we decided to enroll Maggie at preschool.
 I can't tell you how much I agonized over this decision!  

For Rachel, we simply couldn't afford it. That and I didn't feel like we needed it. I had things under control and made sure to do lots of activities with the girls.
Then Luke came and threw my whole system-routine-LIFE out of wack. (In the best kind of way of course;)) 
Anyway, I've been worried about Maggie not getting the attention she needs and not having her big sister around during the day. For several months I compared myself to other Moms thinking, "They homeschool all six kids! or She has never paid money for preschool and has done all four of her kids on her own!" These comparisons only made me feel worse and in the end still felt that a preschool class was right for Miss Maggie. 
So I did some research and found a preschool, and marched right in and signed her up! 
And it felt good.

Miss Maggie
 photo IMG_1059_zps990efdae.jpg
Waiting for class to start on her first day!
 photo IMG_1058_zps52004dba.jpg
So far Maggie has loved every second of school and looks forward to every Tuesday and Thursday when she gets to go!
 photo IMG_1097_zps5388ff96.jpg
They open the doors at 9am and sometimes we get there a little early and have to wait in the parking lot. One morning Maggie crawled up into the drivers seat and asked to take a picture with me. I know these are just phone pictures, but they seriously mean the world to me.
I love them so much and they make me smile every time!
 photo IMG_1095_zpsc23657c8.jpg
From the get go, Maggie has been a Payne girl through and through. Her fair complexion, blonde hair, and blue eyes... Sometimes I wonder if there's any of me in her and then there's this picture....
Completely real, authentic Maggie and Mommy crinkle noses. Not staged perfection.
Yep, she's mine.
 photo IMG_1115_zps78038b5a.jpg
This one makes my heart SOAR!!!
I love you Maggie girl! 
Thanks for taking a picture with your Momma!
 photo IMG_1114_zpsbe960184.jpg

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Happiness is...

playing in the Fall leaves...
 photo DSC_59721_zpsc40da286.jpg
These pictures set off every happy spot in my brain.
Rachel's perfect smiley gaze hits my heart like an arrow.
 photo DSC_59471_zps1047694e.jpg
Three little people in a pile of leaves...
 photo DSC_5936copy_zpsa239bc80.jpg
It has become more apparent to me throughout this journey of motherhood that these three little people truly are sons and daughters of God. I always knew that, of course.

But the Spirit has recently reminded me of this, and it fills me with joy and power!
Sometimes being a Mom is overwhelming, but when I remember this simple truth I can feel that I am not in this alone. Heavenly Father is backing me up! And everything is going to be okay.
Actually, it's going to be fabulous!
(fabulous is a fancy word for GREAT!)
Someone has been reading too much Fancy Nancy. heehee
 photo DSC_58591_zps08a37dfd.jpg
That is all.
 photo DSC_58961_zps659502b4.jpg
Can Rachel get any more beautiful?
Just when I think it's impossible she proves me wrong.
 photo DSC_58061_zpsce6b3695.jpg
1...2...3... little people of mine...
 photo DSC_57761_zpse1b0c071.jpg
Happiness is...
Rachel, Maggie, and Luke...
My three little people.
 photo DSC_57762_zps63f5e64f.jpg

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


This is how Maggie eats her goldfish...
 photo DSC_7386_zps90b0ffcb.jpg
I tried stopping her but soon realized it would be an impossible task. 
That and... it's the little pleasures in life that get you through the day. 
For me, thats a dark chocolate.
For Maggie, it's goldfish with a bowl and spoon.
 photo DSC_7382_zpsb201e868.jpg
How do you like your Goldfish???
 photo DSC_7370_zpsee5bd5e2.jpg