Monday, February 23, 2015

Love Day at the Park

We spent Valentines Day on a picnic at Zilker Park.
It was perfect. And the weather was lovely.

The Lukeman had so much fun! Seriously, he was in baby heaven. 
Freedom! Run! Play! Snack! Throw stuff! Wander! Climb! Dance! Chase!
 photo DSC_7947copy_zps764d087f.jpg
Hey buddy!!!
 photo DSC_7946copy_zps7c9bc61c.jpg
The Magster blowing bubbles...
 photo DSC_7889copy_zpse2ea818b.jpg
I had to go a bit underexposed to catch all the bubbles... super fun to take pictures of!
 photo DSC_7860copy_zps0d926ff7.jpg
What do I love about Miss Rachel?
I love her chocolatey brown eyes. I love her little Mommy heart. And I love her determination at everything she tries.
 photo DSC_7809copy_zps3b021930.jpg
What do I love about Miss Maggie?
I love her vibrant spirit. I love her cutesy contagious giggle. And I love her passion and love for life.
 photo DSC_7807copy_zps0462a23c.jpg
The girls had to take their boots off and play in the chilly creek...
 photo DSC_7984copy_zps84c2ef86.jpg
Luke loved it! 
 photo DSC_8009copy_zps41e65c99.jpg
What do I love about Mr. Luke?
I love love love that he loves his Momma. I love his adventurous spirit. I love his dance moves. And I love his baby cuddles.
 photo DSC_8040copy_zpscc46b9fa.jpg
What do I love about Mr. Payne?
I love that he brought me tulips for Valentines day. I love how he stands by my side through good times and bad. I love how he provides for all our needs- physical and spiritual. 
And I love the man that he is. Every day I am honored to be your wife. 
Jess Payne
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Pop and Nana said...

We love you and your family!!!!

Glen and Kris Payne said...

Just reading what you write makes my grandma heart sing! I want to be there again.