Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Happiness is...

playing in the Fall leaves...
 photo DSC_59721_zpsc40da286.jpg
These pictures set off every happy spot in my brain.
Rachel's perfect smiley gaze hits my heart like an arrow.
 photo DSC_59471_zps1047694e.jpg
Three little people in a pile of leaves...
 photo DSC_5936copy_zpsa239bc80.jpg
It has become more apparent to me throughout this journey of motherhood that these three little people truly are sons and daughters of God. I always knew that, of course.

But the Spirit has recently reminded me of this, and it fills me with joy and power!
Sometimes being a Mom is overwhelming, but when I remember this simple truth I can feel that I am not in this alone. Heavenly Father is backing me up! And everything is going to be okay.
Actually, it's going to be fabulous!
(fabulous is a fancy word for GREAT!)
Someone has been reading too much Fancy Nancy. heehee
 photo DSC_58591_zps08a37dfd.jpg
That is all.
 photo DSC_58961_zps659502b4.jpg
Can Rachel get any more beautiful?
Just when I think it's impossible she proves me wrong.
 photo DSC_58061_zpsce6b3695.jpg
1...2...3... little people of mine...
 photo DSC_57761_zpse1b0c071.jpg
Happiness is...
Rachel, Maggie, and Luke...
My three little people.
 photo DSC_57762_zps63f5e64f.jpg


Pop and Nana said...

Yes yes yes they are amazing!! And so is their amazing Mother. Love,love,love your post.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely one of my favorite posts ever! You have such a sweet set of kiddos! :) Love it!

Glen and Kris Payne said...

Looks like joy on legs! So many happy and adorable faces!