Wednesday, February 18, 2015


It was a pretty Valentines eve here in Texas last week. 
I got the hankering for a photo shoot, so we went out to see what Momma could capture.
This shot is just fun. The sun was doing some weird things that night... it was cloudy then not cloudy, sunny then not sunny. It made for an interesting haze on these pictures.
 photo DSC_75312_zpsaab77808.jpg
Look Momma! A bird!!! 
 photo DSC_7572ecopy_zps9947a09f.jpg
Oh Luke, Will you be my Valentine???
 photo DSC_7578copy_zpsc8dee221.jpg
Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top?
 photo DSC_75792_zps764970b3.jpg
He accepted. 
It was either me or Rachel. 
I won.
Cuz I'm Momma.
 photo DSC_75942_zpsf9cf906f.jpg
These two silly sisters!
 photo DSC_76062_zps2339b9f2.jpg
Pink, hearts, kisses, flowers... all things these two LOVE.
 photo DSC_76082_zps04a0bea6.jpg
Roses are for Rachel 
Mmm ... mmm... mmmusic is for Maggie??
I need to work on my lovey dovey poetry skills. Obviously.
 photo DSC_76112_zpsb3711637.jpg
These two keep growing like weeds. 
I warn them that I'm going to start strapping bricks to their heads so they'll stop growing!
 photo DSC_76192_zpsfbfc25e3.jpg
Hey pretty girls!!! 
 photo DSC_76232_zps44110a10.jpg
Now for the fun part...
I relinquished my lip gloss. Maggie was in hog heaven. I get to hold it? I get to squeeze it all by myself???
The things you do for good pictures.
To her it was a work of art. Perfect. 
 photo DSC_7719_zpsb94c522c.jpg
Rachel is a pro at this now. She can even keep it on her lips. :)
 photo DSC_77424_zps4c463e92.jpg
Time to KISS LUKE!!!
 photo DSC_7741copy_zps0ce102ab.jpg
 photo DSC_7783copy_zps29233aeb.jpg
 This is starting to get intense. 
Kissing means business for Miss Rachel and Miss Maggie...
 photo DSC_7765copy_zps45723f63.jpg
Oh no! 
Anybody seen Luke?
 photo DSC_7755copy_zps13d0a1e2.jpg
Ahhh! There he is! 
 photo DSC_7757copy_zps6211c769.jpg
Not cool sisters.
Not cool.
 photo DSC_7767copy_zps6fe560e8.jpg
The End. 
I hope your Valentines Day was filled with lots and lots of kisses.....
but not too many. ;)


Cami Jensen said...
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Cami Jensen said...

OH. MY. GOSH. This is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Stop it.

Sutherland Family said...

Love everything about this! The lighting is perfect! And the kiddos, well, adorable! Love the boots! But, poor Luke!

Glen and Kris Payne said...

What a great photo shoot! I could use an extra kiss or two.