Friday, May 30, 2014

My Bluebonnet Babies

If you've followed my blog over the past few years, you'd notice that every year in the springtime Texas bluebonnet pictures pop up. It's TRADITION!
Springtime in Texas is just beautiful.
You know those evenings when you go out to take pictures. The stakes are high. The light is perfect. Hair has been done. Outfits are clean and on clean little bodies.
Shortly following... Mom begins to boil. I snap pictures until the light disappears.
Then I get in the car and take a long, deep breath of frustration and roll through the pictures I got...
To my surprise (and believe me, it was a surprise), there were several good ones! 
Don't know how it's possible. But I'm grateful... so grateful!!! haha!

I don't know what it is with these girls and kissing- such turkeys! haha!
Oh well, it's cute!
 photo DSC_0410-Recovered_zpsd8d2b5d8.jpg
This one is my favorite of these two... 
 photo DSC_0447copy_zps45c39aba.jpg
I love them- even if they drive me crazy. 
 photo DSC_0464copy_zpscb4aa3cc.jpg
Okay, get ready to swoonnnnnnnnnnnnnn.... Here come A LOT of Luke pictures!
 photo DSC_0517-Recovered_zps6e788f15.jpg
 photo DSC_0526-Recovered_zpsd81f8372.jpg
6 Months is just the best age!
 photo DSC_0528-Recovered_zpsc5b16350.jpg
He's so handsome.
No woman will ever be good enough. 
ever ever ever ever. 
Future monster-in-law... oh dear.
 photo DSC_0529-Recovered_zpsa595b2ad.jpg
I love that smile. And I love babies who cooperate. haha!
Unfortunately, I didn't get a single good one of all three of them. So that'll have to wait until another time.
 photo DSC_0505-Recovered_zpsa3acff1c.jpg
And this one is going on the wall. 
I'm in love.
Yes, sometimes Tyler gets jealous. haha!
 photo DSC_0504copy_zpsf81f2f68.jpg

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Rachel's Preschool Graduation

I think I've mentioned that we participated in a co-op preschool this year. It was a big decision for me! I researched all the good preschools in the area and compared pricing. I agonized over whether or not it would be worth it while being pregnant, recovering, and then having a baby around. In the end, it was some of the awesome ladies in the ward who had my back and would take my teaching days and help drive Rachel back and forth. They were amazing and I'm so grateful to them! Rachel loved preschool! And although I became way too stressed out when it was my turn to teach, I still enjoyed it!
 photo DSC_0930_zpsb1708bd7.jpg
How adorable are these five year olds???
Dad's dress shirts on backwards and caps made out of foam... priceless.
 photo DSC_0920copy_zps520fc5e2.jpg
Each kiddo had a little paragraph written about them and read to all the families, here's Rachel's-

Rachel Lynn Payne is the beautiful and spunky firstborn of Tyler and Jessica Payne.  She has had a wild and exciting year of preschool as shes become a big sister to a new baby brother! Her favorite things are to play with her siblings and dress-up like princesses. Walk into the Payne household and you’re bound to find her in her own dreamworld fighting bad guys and marrying the most brave and handsome prince. She loved doing arts and crafts and has learned so much in the past year! We are very proud of her and know she’ll do great things!
Way to go Rachel!!!! :) 

Movin and Groovin

Luke is everywhere these days and I'm afraid it's all downhill from here! In a few months this kid is going to be unstoppable!
He crawls, rolls, climbs, and stands on everything.
 photo DSC_0834_zpsbd56f4bc.jpg
I'm such a sucker for this guy. Like seriously- it scares me sometimes. When did I become such a softie?
 photo DSC_0837copy_zps4a1d7a47.jpg
He makes me so happy!
 photo DSC_0840copy_zpse91f0954.jpg
hahahahaha! The poor boy doesn't stand a chance. He loves Rachel and he also despises her... I think this picture pretty much sums it up! :)
 photo DSC_0863_zpsd222af72.jpg
Better watch out world! Mister Luke will be a walker before we know it!

Crazy Little Thing called Life...

Oh it sure is a crazy life!
 photo DSC_0877copy_zpsd6ee2b5f.jpg
This is a typical scene you'd find when walking into the Payne household...
Daddy and Luke wrestling,
Rachel striking a pose,
and Maggie happily laying on the floor with a plug she has just stolen from Luke (oh dear)... 
 photo DSC_0889copy_zps36e8f4cf.jpg
We are so blessed to life this crazy little thing called LIFE!
 photo DSC_0896copy_zps5a1bf13e.jpg

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Visit from the Tooth Fairy!

We were eating lunch one day when suddenly Rachel cries out, "Mom!!! My tooth came out!"
I panicked! Is this normal? You just turned five!!! So, I did what any mother would do... I googled it.
And by golly, it IS normal! WOWzers! 
 photo DSC_0654copy_zpsd97f92aa.jpg
Rachel was in a worried frenzy until I told her about the tooth fairy. Then suddenly she was thrilled and made several trips to the bathroom to admire the newly acquired gap in her mouth. hehe.
 photo DSC_0664copy_zps7164f0f4.jpg
And if you're wondering- the tooth fairy came and Rachel bought a new skirt at Target with her earnings. And she wears it every single day and cries when I have to wash it. 
Oh the drama! haha! The tooth fairy left a note explaining that the first tooth is special and you receive a bonus for that one. 
But after that it's 50 cents. haha! I think that's fair. 
What do you think?

Six Months!!!

My BABY keeps GROWING!!!! 
"It's what babies do", you say???
Well, I don't like it.
Not one bit.
 photo DSC_9749copy_zpsb4af9f9d.jpg
This looks cracks me up! 
"Oh, so that's how you get up on the trampoline!... I'll have to try that in a minute!"
 photo DSC_9795copy_zpsf28d9f92.jpg
I'm obsessed with him. 
Not kidding. 
I kiss him all day long. He makes my heart so full.
 photo DSC_9768copy_zpsf9e43480.jpg
You'd kiss him all day long too... I mean- LOOK AT HIM! 
 photo DSC_9826_zps004576d3.jpg
 photo DSC_9828_zps7e6e395e.jpg
He is just so handsome. Can you tell I'm mighty proud of my work? haha! 
 photo DSC_9835_zps491fbe16.jpg
6 months is just the best age! He is so much fun! And everyone is sleeping through the night now. 
Life is good!
 photo DSC_9836_zpsc4be872b.jpg

Rachel's Birthday Bash Part 2

After the strawberry patch, we headed home for some cake and ice cream!!!
 photo DSC_9668copy_zpsaafe84b5.jpg
The castle cake was such a hit for Maggie, that Rachel requested one too.
Blue this time. :)
 photo DSC_9667copy_zps2284a4cc.jpg
She has been giving me this smile a lot lately.
 photo DSC_9660_zps27d54024.jpg
You wouldn't believe how often my kids talk about birthday parties. They are obsessed!
It's the cake and frosting! The presents! And all the family that come to celebrate! Thank you all for coming and making Rachel feel so special!!!
 photo DSC_9686copy_zps9b3baea7.jpg
My FIVE year old! Looking so grown up!
And here comes that look again... hahaha!
 photo DSC_0435-<a href= photo DSC_0425-Recovered_zps64d6da89.jpg
Pretty girl!!!
 photo DSC_0438-Recovered_zps7ccbede3.jpg
She wears a ring all the time- 24/7- everywhere she goes. For months it has been a cheap, plastic, princess ring from the dollar store. She was so excited to get this new, shiny CTR ring from Nana and Pop! Isn't it pretty?
 photo DSC_0443-Recovered_zpsb2f11986.jpg
I love this one of her. 
This is so her right now. 
She is such a little lady and a joy to be around!!!
 photo DSC_0423-Recovered_zpsc903fd54.jpg photo rachelnote_zpsa81e6209.jpg