Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Movin and Groovin

Luke is everywhere these days and I'm afraid it's all downhill from here! In a few months this kid is going to be unstoppable!
He crawls, rolls, climbs, and stands on everything.
 photo DSC_0834_zpsbd56f4bc.jpg
I'm such a sucker for this guy. Like seriously- it scares me sometimes. When did I become such a softie?
 photo DSC_0837copy_zps4a1d7a47.jpg
He makes me so happy!
 photo DSC_0840copy_zpse91f0954.jpg
hahahahaha! The poor boy doesn't stand a chance. He loves Rachel and he also despises her... I think this picture pretty much sums it up! :)
 photo DSC_0863_zpsd222af72.jpg
Better watch out world! Mister Luke will be a walker before we know it!

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