Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Rachel's Birthday Bash Part 2

After the strawberry patch, we headed home for some cake and ice cream!!!
 photo DSC_9668copy_zpsaafe84b5.jpg
The castle cake was such a hit for Maggie, that Rachel requested one too.
Blue this time. :)
 photo DSC_9667copy_zps2284a4cc.jpg
She has been giving me this smile a lot lately.
 photo DSC_9660_zps27d54024.jpg
You wouldn't believe how often my kids talk about birthday parties. They are obsessed!
It's the cake and frosting! The presents! And all the family that come to celebrate! Thank you all for coming and making Rachel feel so special!!!
 photo DSC_9686copy_zps9b3baea7.jpg
My FIVE year old! Looking so grown up!
And here comes that look again... hahaha!
 photo DSC_0435-<a href= photo DSC_0425-Recovered_zps64d6da89.jpg
Pretty girl!!!
 photo DSC_0438-Recovered_zps7ccbede3.jpg
She wears a ring all the time- 24/7- everywhere she goes. For months it has been a cheap, plastic, princess ring from the dollar store. She was so excited to get this new, shiny CTR ring from Nana and Pop! Isn't it pretty?
 photo DSC_0443-Recovered_zpsb2f11986.jpg
I love this one of her. 
This is so her right now. 
She is such a little lady and a joy to be around!!!
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Anonymous said...

That cake is legit! You are so awesome!! :) And I can't believe Rachel will be starting school in the fall, crazy. Congrats on raising a beautiful girl Mama!!

Pop and Nana said...

Oh, stop growing!! I'm not ready to have our Rachel in Kindergarden!! We sure love our Hulapopper!!