Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Six Months!!!

My BABY keeps GROWING!!!! 
"It's what babies do", you say???
Well, I don't like it.
Not one bit.
 photo DSC_9749copy_zpsb4af9f9d.jpg
This looks cracks me up! 
"Oh, so that's how you get up on the trampoline!... I'll have to try that in a minute!"
 photo DSC_9795copy_zpsf28d9f92.jpg
I'm obsessed with him. 
Not kidding. 
I kiss him all day long. He makes my heart so full.
 photo DSC_9768copy_zpsf9e43480.jpg
You'd kiss him all day long too... I mean- LOOK AT HIM! 
 photo DSC_9826_zps004576d3.jpg
 photo DSC_9828_zps7e6e395e.jpg
He is just so handsome. Can you tell I'm mighty proud of my work? haha! 
 photo DSC_9835_zps491fbe16.jpg
6 months is just the best age! He is so much fun! And everyone is sleeping through the night now. 
Life is good!
 photo DSC_9836_zpsc4be872b.jpg

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Pop and Nana said...

Yes he is so sweet you could eat'em up! Pop says that he looks like he is ready to be an LSU linebacker! Hehe