Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Visit from the Tooth Fairy!

We were eating lunch one day when suddenly Rachel cries out, "Mom!!! My tooth came out!"
I panicked! Is this normal? You just turned five!!! So, I did what any mother would do... I googled it.
And by golly, it IS normal! WOWzers! 
 photo DSC_0654copy_zpsd97f92aa.jpg
Rachel was in a worried frenzy until I told her about the tooth fairy. Then suddenly she was thrilled and made several trips to the bathroom to admire the newly acquired gap in her mouth. hehe.
 photo DSC_0664copy_zps7164f0f4.jpg
And if you're wondering- the tooth fairy came and Rachel bought a new skirt at Target with her earnings. And she wears it every single day and cries when I have to wash it. 
Oh the drama! haha! The tooth fairy left a note explaining that the first tooth is special and you receive a bonus for that one. 
But after that it's 50 cents. haha! I think that's fair. 
What do you think?

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Pop and Nana said...

I want to see this tooth fairy shirt. I might need one of those shirts!!