Friday, May 30, 2014

My Bluebonnet Babies

If you've followed my blog over the past few years, you'd notice that every year in the springtime Texas bluebonnet pictures pop up. It's TRADITION!
Springtime in Texas is just beautiful.
You know those evenings when you go out to take pictures. The stakes are high. The light is perfect. Hair has been done. Outfits are clean and on clean little bodies.
Shortly following... Mom begins to boil. I snap pictures until the light disappears.
Then I get in the car and take a long, deep breath of frustration and roll through the pictures I got...
To my surprise (and believe me, it was a surprise), there were several good ones! 
Don't know how it's possible. But I'm grateful... so grateful!!! haha!

I don't know what it is with these girls and kissing- such turkeys! haha!
Oh well, it's cute!
 photo DSC_0410-Recovered_zpsd8d2b5d8.jpg
This one is my favorite of these two... 
 photo DSC_0447copy_zps45c39aba.jpg
I love them- even if they drive me crazy. 
 photo DSC_0464copy_zpscb4aa3cc.jpg
Okay, get ready to swoonnnnnnnnnnnnnn.... Here come A LOT of Luke pictures!
 photo DSC_0517-Recovered_zps6e788f15.jpg
 photo DSC_0526-Recovered_zpsd81f8372.jpg
6 Months is just the best age!
 photo DSC_0528-Recovered_zpsc5b16350.jpg
He's so handsome.
No woman will ever be good enough. 
ever ever ever ever. 
Future monster-in-law... oh dear.
 photo DSC_0529-Recovered_zpsa595b2ad.jpg
I love that smile. And I love babies who cooperate. haha!
Unfortunately, I didn't get a single good one of all three of them. So that'll have to wait until another time.
 photo DSC_0505-Recovered_zpsa3acff1c.jpg
And this one is going on the wall. 
I'm in love.
Yes, sometimes Tyler gets jealous. haha!
 photo DSC_0504copy_zpsf81f2f68.jpg

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