Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Rachel's Preschool Graduation

I think I've mentioned that we participated in a co-op preschool this year. It was a big decision for me! I researched all the good preschools in the area and compared pricing. I agonized over whether or not it would be worth it while being pregnant, recovering, and then having a baby around. In the end, it was some of the awesome ladies in the ward who had my back and would take my teaching days and help drive Rachel back and forth. They were amazing and I'm so grateful to them! Rachel loved preschool! And although I became way too stressed out when it was my turn to teach, I still enjoyed it!
 photo DSC_0930_zpsb1708bd7.jpg
How adorable are these five year olds???
Dad's dress shirts on backwards and caps made out of foam... priceless.
 photo DSC_0920copy_zps520fc5e2.jpg
Each kiddo had a little paragraph written about them and read to all the families, here's Rachel's-

Rachel Lynn Payne is the beautiful and spunky firstborn of Tyler and Jessica Payne.  She has had a wild and exciting year of preschool as shes become a big sister to a new baby brother! Her favorite things are to play with her siblings and dress-up like princesses. Walk into the Payne household and you’re bound to find her in her own dreamworld fighting bad guys and marrying the most brave and handsome prince. She loved doing arts and crafts and has learned so much in the past year! We are very proud of her and know she’ll do great things!
Way to go Rachel!!!! :) 

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Kate said...

Yay for checking in with the Paynes! Can't believe Rachel is 5! Was A&M really that long ago? Luke is adorable and growing so fast. Thanks for pictures and posts!