Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rachel's Strawberry Birthday Bash!!! Part 1

That is one beautiful sight!
 photo DSC_9310_zps6e52e090.jpg
Ready to go get them strawberries!!! I think Maggie looks so cute in Grandma's jacket... it fits her perfectly! :) 
 photo DSC_9307_zps1e9e2edc.jpg
This picture makes me realize just how much she takes after her Grandma... don't you think so too? They have the same glow about them... 
 photo DSC_9325_zps6955a792.jpg
My pro strawberry picker!
 photo DSC_9315_zps6479f6a9.jpg
Happy Birthday you beautiful girl you!
 photo DSC_9337_zpsf56723f3.jpg
5? Really? No way.
 photo DSC_9338_zps491e7b1c.jpg
Yes way.
Time goes by so fast sometimes.
 photo DSC_9321_zpsc66651aa.jpg
This picture makes me want to squeeze this little beauty. Seriously, she's gonna be a heartbreak.
 photo DSC_9303copy_zps2c73a9f8.jpg
"Woe woe woe! Last thing I remember was falling asleep in my carseat. Where am I? Where's Mom? Oh there she is behind that big black box... sigh... I guess panicking won't be necessary." 
 photo DSC_9360_zps440c3d4d.jpg
Our spoils... YUM!
 photo DSC_9413_zps27007505.jpg
Grandma and Luke livin' it up!
 photo DSC_9397_zps013c1ba7.jpg
Maggie and those goats... she could feed those guys all day long.
 photo DSC_9386_zpsdd2f5c60.jpg
hahaha! Her face! I think this is love... haha!
 photo DSC_9369_zps9cfcee01.jpg
Oh this baby boy... you know just chillin the stroller and smiling as big as he can every time someones makes eye contact with him... haha... It is a tactic that has proven to be unstoppable!
 photo DSC_9431_zps28ef047f.jpg
This picture is good for your soul. Maggie getting ready for her barrel ride.
Converse. Legs crossed. Lollipop in mouth. 
Life is good.
 photo DSC_9488_zps3fd6f97f.jpg
Off they go!
 photo DSC_9503_zpsd031085f.jpg
About to taste a strawberry for the first time... !!!!!!! 
 photo DSC_9519_zps3ea451b0.jpg
 photo DSC_9545_zpsa4c06a87.jpg
They had a big blob trampoline thingy... Rachel loved it!
 photo DSC_9609_zps78a3644d.jpg
 photo DSC_9611_zps0fc88009.jpg
This is one happy happy strawberry Birthday girl!!! 
Now lets go home and make a cake!!!
 photo DSC_9613_zpscceab904.jpg

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Little Mover

Luke go's wherever he wants to go...
Take a glance at Exhibit A:
Sheer determination
 photo DSC_9908copy_zpsb7beb6f6.jpg
Exhibit B:
Mobile, Hostile, Agile... 
 photo DSC_9907copy_zps97041dd0.jpg
Exhibit C:
Mission Accomplished
 photo DSC_9960copy_zps34900ab9.jpg
Yeah Mom, Stitch is all mine and he tastes gooooood!
 photo DSC_9982copy_zps732f79bd.jpg
"Yep, I go where I want. Superman's got nothing on me."
 photo DSC_9973copy_zps15ec6d03.jpg
Gosh, I love this little mover of mine... 
 photo DSC_9879_zps61a5f5e3.jpg