Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Twirling Maggie

"Hey Maggie, will you twirl for me?"
 photo DSC_2665 copy_zpspz4mgk1o.jpg
You don't have to ask her twice!!!
 photo DSC_2667 copy_zpsibjeoxow.jpg
For me, one of life's greatest joys is twirling!
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We recently found these amazing girls dresses and they are everyones 
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"A daughter is just a little girl who grows up to be your best friend."
I sure love my girlies.
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And that's all folks!!!! 
May you all have a twirly whirly day!
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Watermelon Baby

Climbing up on the counter is Luke's favorite thing... my favorite thing? Not so much! haha!
What a little stinker!!!
 photo DSC_2525 copy_zpsivyftdns.jpg
Every time we go to HEB and this boy sees a watermelon, he goes crazy!
For real. I can't NOT buy one.
And when we get home he yells yells at me to start cutting it!
 photo DSC_2632 copy_zpsdy2h8u7l.jpg
Oh this boy!
He makes me oh so happy!
 photo DSC_2569 copy_zpsazs7lybv.jpg
And he is growing up. Way too fast I might add.
Look at that sneaky, silly, Lukeman face! 
hahaha! I love this expression!
 photo DSC_2549 copy_zpsnszkvfwl.jpg
Chomp! Chomp! Chomp!
 photo DSC_2633 copy_zps6jnnajfx.jpg
Golly he is one handsome little watermelon dude! 
How'd I get so lucky to get him!?
He's mine!!! And I love it!
 photo DSC_2596 copy_zpscbe2cu9x.jpg
Watermelon is way more fun to eat when you take extra big bites...
 photo DSC_2533 copy_zpsjudu6ihz.jpg
Nothing like a Lukeman and a juicy watermelon to make a day GREAT!
 photo DSC_2536 copy_zps0j9ec4vu.jpg

Payne Party of 6!!!

So, for the longest time I'd refer to my family as, "our little family".
After saying this recently I've realized that our family isn't so little anymore! Yep, we're adding another baby Payne to mix! Soon, we'll be a family of 6! Plus one enormous dog. ;)
When I look back on all we've accomplished as a family I can't help but feel overwhelmingly grateful.
Grateful for these 3 crazy, rambunctious kiddos.
Grateful for a home.
Grateful for a job.
Grateful for so many blessings.

Although the thought of having 4 kids makes me feel nervous, I know it's meant to be! And that it'll be great! Crazy, but great! 
Here we go!
Due March 14th 2016! 
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