Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Payne Party of 6!!!

So, for the longest time I'd refer to my family as, "our little family".
After saying this recently I've realized that our family isn't so little anymore! Yep, we're adding another baby Payne to mix! Soon, we'll be a family of 6! Plus one enormous dog. ;)
When I look back on all we've accomplished as a family I can't help but feel overwhelmingly grateful.
Grateful for these 3 crazy, rambunctious kiddos.
Grateful for a home.
Grateful for a job.
Grateful for so many blessings.

Although the thought of having 4 kids makes me feel nervous, I know it's meant to be! And that it'll be great! Crazy, but great! 
Here we go!
Due March 14th 2016! 
 photo DSC_2486-2_zpsnrx3xwcl.jpg

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