Saturday, December 28, 2013

Maggie Ila turns THREE!

Miss Mags turned three last month.
She's growing up way too fast.

There are many words I could use to describe this three year old...
One would be-
Free spirited.
She goes where ever her boots take her.
 photo DSC_7629_zpscdfb55ef.jpg
And she knows it too.
It's my mission in life that make sure she never ever forgets it!
 photo DSC_7682_zps5e14af2e.jpg
A fidgeter.
Yup, she loves to figure things out... take things apart, put things back together.
Rachel and I don't care about such things. She must have gotten that from her Daddy.
 photo DSC_7665_zpsae69b1ea.jpg
Yeah Mom, I got this.
I have no doubt that this girl can do anything she sets her mind to.
 photo DSC_7661copy_zps8ad835c9.jpg
This girl has a sense of humor let me tell you! She loves to laugh! Her forced fake laugh makes me sooooooo happy! haha!
 photo DSC_7667_zpse0eb9b09.jpg
Yup, she's still got that cuddle-bug in her. Thank goodness. I don't know what I'd do without Maggie cuddles.
 photo DSC_7674_zps03774b72.jpg
I know every Mom thinks this about her children, and I'm no exception.
This girl wears me out! She climbs, runs, jumps, dances, skips, trips, and falls all day long. Seriously, this is the reason we MUST get out of the house on a daily basis. We have to get those wiggles out.
On the upside of having this active girl is that she's is amazingly athletic. I can't wait to see her in action.
 photo DSC_7652copy_zps9de1b899.jpg
She's One of a Kind.
And she's mine. 
 photo DSC_7673copy_zps586248fa.jpg photo maggie_zpsf8d36613.jpg

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas from Austin, Texas!

 I'd like to take the opportunity to say that I love my Savior and I know that He LIVES!
I love this Christmas season and the spirit of Christ that it brings! 
We hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas!!!
May it be filled with joy, laughter, and if you're lucky---
two little girls and a baby boy! hehe!
 photo DSC_7792copy_zps82afa390.jpg

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Time Flies! 2 Months already!

It's incredible how time flies with a baby! They grow so, so fast. 
Here are several fun snapshots I've gotten over the last 8 weeks.
Caution!!!! These are bound to make you BABY HUNGRY! ;)

This one was actually in the hospital! 4 days old! I still can't believe how little he was!
 photo DSC_6778copy_zps3187a249.jpg
Only a week old here... awake and ready to see the world!
 photo DSC_6849copy_zps62f40eb6.jpg
Maggie's turn to hold baby Luke... only lasted a minute or two but you can tell she enjoyed it by the look on her face. :)
 photo DSC_6830copy_zpsf10c1042.jpg
Hey there little dude...
 photo DSC_6843copy_zps7597dd28.jpg
Don't be fooled by all the sleeping- he was actually quite busy--- GROWING!
 photo DSC_6811copy_zpsd21eac93.jpg
 photo DSC_6821copy_zpsf88e47b5.jpg
Sadly the sink baths ended this week! He has gotten too big. 
I just love it when their whole little body fits in the sink.
 photo DSC_6862copy_zps8c95eadc.jpg
Whoah! This feels nice!
 photo DSC_6885copy_zpsc3ffba3f.jpg
He almost always loves taking a bath. He just relaxes and enjoys it.
 Can't you tell by the arms behind the head?
 photo DSC_6890copy_zps4055cbc5.jpg
All clean and ready to cuddle!
 photo DSC_6901copy_zps021615b3.jpg
I have to say--- there's nothing more attractive than a good looking Daddy holding his newborn baby... I love that man of mine...
 photo DSC_6970copy_zpsb94500b6.jpg
Mama? What's that big black box you're holding? It keeps clicking in my face!
Get used to it kid.
 photo DSC_6986-Recovered_zps1a674f44.jpg
Shhhh! The baby is sleeping! :)
 photo DSC_7282copy_zps436ea5b0.jpg
Hanging out on Grandmas lap...
 photo DSC_6916-Recovered_zpsdaae54ed.jpg
Oh my! These last two just make me swoon!
He has gotten so alert and talkative. I LOVE IT! And smiling! He smiles all the time! 
I'm going to get a good smiley one soon, do you worry!
 photo DSC_7271copy_zps3622fa34.jpg
Oh my word! This one! Bright eyed, fuzzy head, double chin goodness!
I have sooooo enjoyed being Mr. Luke's Mommy. 
Best. Job. Ever.
 photo DSC_7258_zps14b93bd4.jpg

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Little Miss Mommy

Rachel has a mother heart. 
I must admit, it took me awhile even after becoming a Mother to gain one of my own.
But, Rachel... she was born with one.

Every time Luke cries she runs to his aid! Every time he wakes up, she goes to greet him! Every time I can't be there for him, I'll find Rachel holding him and sweetly uttering the words, 
"Its okay, it's okay... Mommy's here." 
 photo DSC_7309_zps0271cd6c.jpg
She is my Little Miss Mommy.

Monday, December 9, 2013

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

I have been waiting for this moment for a long, long time. 
I had it all planned out in my head... Christmas music playing, hot chocolate, decorating the Christmas tree with my girls...
Our whole family, all together, in our own home- just us. 
It was just how I imagined it, although we were out of milk so we had water hot chocolate and it was pretty nasty. haha! 

Look at these little rascals!
 photo DSC_7458copy_zps88cd13b5.jpg
I just love Maggie in those jammies... 
 photo DSC_7450copy_zps695be39a.jpg
And this one... oh my! Rachel in all her cuteness and Miss Mags- she's a mess. 
Can't you tell???
 photo DSC_7459_zpsc0f3a621.jpg
It makes me so so sad that this one is blurry! BAH! I don't care! I just love it!
 photo DSC_7467copy_zps691aafbe.jpg
Can't forget Luke! 
*big long happy sigh*
Christmas time is so much better with children. 
Yup, I'll keep them. ;)
 photo DSC_7440copy_zpsb9b15788.jpg

Gettin Things Done

How do you move with two littles and one tiny? How do you get anything done????
Well, it looks a little like this...
 photo DSC_7294copy_zpsa908f43a.jpg

My Boys

Being the men of the house is no easy feat... napping is essential.
 photo DSC_7232copy_zps95d7a393.jpg
So much strength and sweetness all mixed together.
I sure love these boys of mine.
 photo DSC_7241copy_zpsf5c351bd.jpg

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Name them One by One...

What I did today-
1. Took a shower. All the kids were awake at the time; a dangerous time to try and shower but I was mighty desperate.
2. Can't remember but it made my head spin.
3. Made a To-Do list. Then Maggie colored all over it.
4. Made another To-Do list.
5. Stared at the To-Do list. How in the world are these things going to get done?
6. Cleaned, fed, drove, hushed, read to, kissed, and squeezed my children… 
7. Number six all day long. 

Its quiet now. This doesn't happen often so what do I do? I blog. 
Life is so beautiful right now. Almost knocks the wind out of me sometimes. 
My husband has been home from Afganistan for a year now.
We have a beautiful baby boy.
Our girls amaze me with how fast they are learning.
And we just bought our first home.
We put up our own Christmas tree for the first time in our entire marriage last week.

Like I said- knocks the wind out of me.

Oh! Someone is stirring. And with that the day keeps on going… bedtime will be sweet tonight. :)

 Gosh, he is so YUMMY! :)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Luke William Payne

Choosing the perfect name for our children had never been a challenge until Luke came along. 
I know that Rachel Lynn was meant to be Rachel Lynn and Maggie Ila was meant to be Maggie Ila. With both, the spirit confirmed to me so strongly that those were their names. No question about it, no changing it. 
Luke was different. I agonized over choosing his name. No confirmations, no peace on the matter. Even days after we brought him home I would ask Tyler, "Are you sure Luke is right?" 
Tyler replied, "Yes, he is our Luke. Luke is just right."
Tyler was right- Luke is perfect.
The name has settled on me more and more as the days go by and as little Luke's personality starts to surface. I love this little boy so much! He is such a sweetheart. He gives me big smiles all day long (after a full tummy of course!). I already can't imagine this crazy life without him. 

We have an amazingly talented photographer in the ward--- who happens to live only two doors down from us! I asked her if she'd be willing to coach me through a newborn session. Honestly the last thing I wanted to do 8 days after a C-Section is a photo shoot, and I am so glad that I asked for help or it probably wouldn't have happened. They turned out soooo great! My friend shot some and I shot some… it took 3 hours to get these between the pee, poop, spit-up,fussiness, and wiggliness! We were both sweating by the end of this photo shoot! 

Here are the shots she got--- LOVE THEM!
This one makes me want to buy a new lens…. like bad. I think it's my favorite of them all.
 photo ZR6I0044_zps4ffc56b1.jpg
So why Luke you may ask? 
 Because there's nothing like a good, strong, MANLY name. 
I love that it's common, yet not so common. I love that its a good cowboy name. I love that it's from the Bible. It is just right for this little man. 
Definitely the cutest little man I've ever seen!
 photo ZR6I0115_zps78b4e5eb.jpg
Why William for his middle name?
Some of you may not know that Tyler's first name is actually William. 
As is his father and his grandfather. We feel honored to have the pass down name of such amazing men and didn't want to let it stop at Tyler. 
So William it was! 
 photo ZR6I0083_zpsf0fafb8d.jpg
I am in love with this close-up. 8 days old and already has them chubby cheeks! And I love to look at his little fist in this one. 
 photo ZR6I0104_zps2185a8cd.jpg
Those first few weeks I was just baffled every time I looked at him… A boy? Really, I have a son?
 photo ZR6I0145_zpsf53d1478.jpg
Absolutely no mistaking him for a girl… I love his masculine features. 
 photo ZR6I0153_zps7f6294bc.jpg
And here our the ones I took…
hehehe… love that football beanie...
 photo DSC_7086_zpscee4c80f.jpg
Doesn't this one just make you swoon? 
 photo DSC_7074_zps2f5c1e11.jpg
I love how this one focuses your attention to his nose and brow… I already think he looks like his Daddy. 
 photo DSC_7071_zps538d432b.jpg
And this one would be my favorite of all the ones I took… mighty proud of this one!
Everything from his toes to his little face… perfect.
 photo DSC_7062_zps7b456f19.jpg
This one is a close second… fun angle!
 photo DSC_7051_zpsc39d60f7.jpg
Can't forget a little toesies picture! 
Nothing like baby feet. 
nothing nothing nothing!
 photo DSC_7040_zps4d25293c.jpg
Yes, it's just right. ;)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013!

We kept it super simple this year and wore our dress up clothes for Halloween. 
The cure my Mom guilt I bought the girls some princess shoes and tiara's to complete their ensemble. 
They didn't complain! Not to mention they were ESTATIC to get to wear "Mommy's makeup!" haha.
Rapunzel and Cinderella… 
 photo DSC_7156copy_zps42c79f7c.jpg
Daily I tell Rachel how beautiful she is… it goes something like this…
Mom: "Rachel, you are soooooo beautiful!!!"
Rachel: "I know Mom."
It makes me so happy that she know's how beautiful she is. I hope this never changes. 
 photo DSC_7194copy_zpsee74d929.jpg
Miss Maggie… 
 photo DSC_7203copy_zps6cee8b4c.jpg
Just beautiful! She has the Cinderella look down.
 photo DSC_7205copy_zps423d45ab.jpg
My favorite!
 photo DSC_7214copy_zps56d9ede8.jpg
Whoever thinks brown eyes aren't stunning need to look at this picture… Sometimes it's hard to capture the sparkle of brown eyes but once you do they are breathtaking. 
 photo DSC_7229copy_zps6bd0e07e.jpg
Luke was asleep in the baby carrier during all the festivities but I got a few instagram pictures the day after… 4.5 weeks old!

Hey there little boy! Next year you'll be all into the Halloween business, but for now… let's cuddle. ;)