Saturday, December 14, 2013

Time Flies! 2 Months already!

It's incredible how time flies with a baby! They grow so, so fast. 
Here are several fun snapshots I've gotten over the last 8 weeks.
Caution!!!! These are bound to make you BABY HUNGRY! ;)

This one was actually in the hospital! 4 days old! I still can't believe how little he was!
 photo DSC_6778copy_zps3187a249.jpg
Only a week old here... awake and ready to see the world!
 photo DSC_6849copy_zps62f40eb6.jpg
Maggie's turn to hold baby Luke... only lasted a minute or two but you can tell she enjoyed it by the look on her face. :)
 photo DSC_6830copy_zpsf10c1042.jpg
Hey there little dude...
 photo DSC_6843copy_zps7597dd28.jpg
Don't be fooled by all the sleeping- he was actually quite busy--- GROWING!
 photo DSC_6811copy_zpsd21eac93.jpg
 photo DSC_6821copy_zpsf88e47b5.jpg
Sadly the sink baths ended this week! He has gotten too big. 
I just love it when their whole little body fits in the sink.
 photo DSC_6862copy_zps8c95eadc.jpg
Whoah! This feels nice!
 photo DSC_6885copy_zpsc3ffba3f.jpg
He almost always loves taking a bath. He just relaxes and enjoys it.
 Can't you tell by the arms behind the head?
 photo DSC_6890copy_zps4055cbc5.jpg
All clean and ready to cuddle!
 photo DSC_6901copy_zps021615b3.jpg
I have to say--- there's nothing more attractive than a good looking Daddy holding his newborn baby... I love that man of mine...
 photo DSC_6970copy_zpsb94500b6.jpg
Mama? What's that big black box you're holding? It keeps clicking in my face!
Get used to it kid.
 photo DSC_6986-Recovered_zps1a674f44.jpg
Shhhh! The baby is sleeping! :)
 photo DSC_7282copy_zps436ea5b0.jpg
Hanging out on Grandmas lap...
 photo DSC_6916-Recovered_zpsdaae54ed.jpg
Oh my! These last two just make me swoon!
He has gotten so alert and talkative. I LOVE IT! And smiling! He smiles all the time! 
I'm going to get a good smiley one soon, do you worry!
 photo DSC_7271copy_zps3622fa34.jpg
Oh my word! This one! Bright eyed, fuzzy head, double chin goodness!
I have sooooo enjoyed being Mr. Luke's Mommy. 
Best. Job. Ever.
 photo DSC_7258_zps14b93bd4.jpg


Pop and Nana said...

Awwwwe! So handsome! Can't wait to see y'all again. Love Pop and Nana

Glen and Kris Payne said...

Can't wait to see him again and kiss and cuddle him.

Jeni said...

Love love love!!!