Thursday, December 5, 2013

Name them One by One...

What I did today-
1. Took a shower. All the kids were awake at the time; a dangerous time to try and shower but I was mighty desperate.
2. Can't remember but it made my head spin.
3. Made a To-Do list. Then Maggie colored all over it.
4. Made another To-Do list.
5. Stared at the To-Do list. How in the world are these things going to get done?
6. Cleaned, fed, drove, hushed, read to, kissed, and squeezed my children… 
7. Number six all day long. 

Its quiet now. This doesn't happen often so what do I do? I blog. 
Life is so beautiful right now. Almost knocks the wind out of me sometimes. 
My husband has been home from Afganistan for a year now.
We have a beautiful baby boy.
Our girls amaze me with how fast they are learning.
And we just bought our first home.
We put up our own Christmas tree for the first time in our entire marriage last week.

Like I said- knocks the wind out of me.

Oh! Someone is stirring. And with that the day keeps on going… bedtime will be sweet tonight. :)

 Gosh, he is so YUMMY! :)