Monday, December 9, 2013

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

I have been waiting for this moment for a long, long time. 
I had it all planned out in my head... Christmas music playing, hot chocolate, decorating the Christmas tree with my girls...
Our whole family, all together, in our own home- just us. 
It was just how I imagined it, although we were out of milk so we had water hot chocolate and it was pretty nasty. haha! 

Look at these little rascals!
 photo DSC_7458copy_zps88cd13b5.jpg
I just love Maggie in those jammies... 
 photo DSC_7450copy_zps695be39a.jpg
And this one... oh my! Rachel in all her cuteness and Miss Mags- she's a mess. 
Can't you tell???
 photo DSC_7459_zpsc0f3a621.jpg
It makes me so so sad that this one is blurry! BAH! I don't care! I just love it!
 photo DSC_7467copy_zps691aafbe.jpg
Can't forget Luke! 
*big long happy sigh*
Christmas time is so much better with children. 
Yup, I'll keep them. ;)
 photo DSC_7440copy_zpsb9b15788.jpg


Glen and Kris Payne said...

So Happy that all your dreams are coming true - Have a great Christmas - just like you imagined!

Pop and Nana said...

Now you can start decorating the tree with all kind of Rachel, Maggie and Luke handicrafts!