Monday, October 27, 2008

Good News

Things have been SUPERDUPER busy lately! I'm taking 19 hours with 4 labs! GROSS! and Tyler has started Grad School! GROSS AGAIN! So yeah, we basically study study and study some more!

And.... I'M GOING TO HAVE A BABY! (My daddy didn't like "knocked-up", I should apologize my sense of humor can be inappropriate at times) Yes, I know that this is old news to most of you but I thought it was time that I officially announced it! Tyler and I are very excited!!!! I am almost 16 weeks along and the due date is April 16th. My belly is growing, but you can't really tell at all. So yes, I will graduate in December (fingers crossed) and we'll have an addition to our family in the spring. :)

Other than that... we have just been lovin life. We are so grateful to have eachother, a great family, and lots of good friends here in College Station!!!

(the ultrasound is at 13weeks!)