Saturday, November 17, 2012

323 days

It has been 323 days since we've seen our Daddy.

Other than skype that is... Skype is an amazing thing. This was one of the best conversations Tyler had with Maggie all year. She couldn't stop giggling! Oh, it made my heart so happy.   
I love how the mute button is on in this picture. The girls have hung up on him so many times! It's so easy to accidently hit one of those little buttons. 
Regardless of the button mishaps, I could never refuse my little girls the chance to hold their Daddy in their hands.
I don't know if I will ever be able to put the feeling into words, but we miss you Daddy. We miss you oh so much. We can't wait to have you home.
I'm a bit of an organizer freak and I like everything to have it's place. One day I caught Tyler putting a little hook in the wall and placing his ball cap on it. He told me he was helping me organize and that now his hat had a good spot.
Well babe, just so you know, your hat hasn't moved from it's spot.  

323 days and counting...

Payne Cousins and Braums

My girls go bonkers when I tell them their cousins are coming to town. Bonkers I tell you! I love watching them all play together. I remember the same good times with my cousins. 
Good, good times.
 Before saying goodbye we all went to Braums for a scoop!
 Silly kids...   
Cousins and Ice Cream= Happiness
Pure cheesy grin, closed eyes, drippy happiness...

Monday, November 12, 2012

Azle Lake Half Marathon 2012

To keep from going crazy, I decided to run a half marathon last weekend. Seriously, I feel like I'm going crazy. It's getting so close! Holy Smokes the anxiety is killing me! What's taking so darn long? haha, okay, okay... I'll tell you about the half marathon instead of whine! 

So, this was a last minute decision. Two weeks prior to the event I went out and ran 9 miles just to make sure that I still could (it's been a while). It was long and slow, but I finished it. Why not run 13 next weekend?
I forgot to wear my running capris with pockets, I forgot my shot blocs, and I forgot an extra hair tie. Oh man! Where is my running buddy Caitlin when I need her? Sheesh. I woke up with a horrible stomach ache and knew it was going to be a hard run not to mention CrossFit had totally destroyed me last week. Oh well, here we go! And yes my hair tie literally broke in half after only a mile! Worst. Thing. Ever. Holy Cow! Good thing I found someone along the course with one on their wrist and begged for it! It was pretty darn pathetic. haha! 

But, I finished! It felt so good to finish this race. I can't tell you how good. Ended up with a time of 2:02:20... not too shabby.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Little Jeep

I drove by a garage sale last weekend and found this little beauty. The sticker said five dollars. Seriously? It works and has all the parts? Sold.

There was no way I could hold off 'til Christmas with this one! 
Miss Rachel was in heaven. 
She had control. She had power. And she had four wheels.
 Oh my goodness these pictures are hilarious!!! They make me laugh so hard. You just had to be there!
 "AaaAhh! It's going the wrong way!"
 I can see it now... sixteen is going to be a rough year in our house. Heaven help us! 
Oh the drama!!!
"Mom it won't go where I want it to go!" 
Let's let Maggie have a stab at this driving thing...Whoops! A stump... oh dear...Maggie surprised me by preferring to sit it the passenger seat. (so not like her) 
Rachel must have been far too entertaining as the driver. 
Rachel eventually learned that I wouldn't be succumbing to each and every driving disaster... 
back it on up girl! For some reason she believed that was much easier than putting it in reverse. ha!
I love this picture. 
And they're off to see the world! Ok, for now we'll stick with the backyard. 
It all started with a little jeep...

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"How does she know that you love her?"

I got the tee-pee out, put a blanket down, and popped a big bowl of popcorn. It's movie night ya'll!
We watched one of our all time favs- Enchanted. 
I wonder what part of the movie made Maggie have that facial expression...   
"How does she know that you really, really, truly love her?"
"That's how you know... He's your love."
Girls nights never get old and never cease to exist. I love forward to them for the rest of forever! That's how serious girls nights are around here. Oh the power of a chick flick and popcorn!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween 2012

For Halloween this year...

Rachel was a princess.
 Of course.
The prettiest princess of them all...
And Mags was a zebra!!! Hooray for reusing costumes! I adore that zebra costume.
Unlike the zebras on safari, this one wouldn't stay still for a picture...
WHEW!!! Run Zebra Run!!!
The original plan was for Rachel to be a lion. But Rachel wanted to be a princess. How could I say no? Not to mention we already have the dress; she wears it every stinking day!
Can you tell she is beyond thrilled?
I managed to convince them to eat an apple before we went trick-or-treating. I don't really know how I did that, but I'll take it!
"Do ya'll wanna go trick-or-treatin?"
Granny Smiths are our favorite.
Weatherford College puts on a big trunk or treat party with games and candy! We headed there first.
"Mom look! These people keep giving me free candy!"
Only in Texas is barrel racing an activity at a trunk or treat!
The girls loved it!
Here come the little cowgirls...
Way to Go!
Fishing for treats! Probably the favorite of them all!
And that is all folks! Until next year!