Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Watermelon Baby

Climbing up on the counter is Luke's favorite thing... my favorite thing? Not so much! haha!
What a little stinker!!!
 photo DSC_2525 copy_zpsivyftdns.jpg
Every time we go to HEB and this boy sees a watermelon, he goes crazy!
For real. I can't NOT buy one.
And when we get home he yells yells at me to start cutting it!
 photo DSC_2632 copy_zpsdy2h8u7l.jpg
Oh this boy!
He makes me oh so happy!
 photo DSC_2569 copy_zpsazs7lybv.jpg
And he is growing up. Way too fast I might add.
Look at that sneaky, silly, Lukeman face! 
hahaha! I love this expression!
 photo DSC_2549 copy_zpsnszkvfwl.jpg
Chomp! Chomp! Chomp!
 photo DSC_2633 copy_zps6jnnajfx.jpg
Golly he is one handsome little watermelon dude! 
How'd I get so lucky to get him!?
He's mine!!! And I love it!
 photo DSC_2596 copy_zpscbe2cu9x.jpg
Watermelon is way more fun to eat when you take extra big bites...
 photo DSC_2533 copy_zpsjudu6ihz.jpg
Nothing like a Lukeman and a juicy watermelon to make a day GREAT!
 photo DSC_2536 copy_zps0j9ec4vu.jpg

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