Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Look Back

I remember vividly this day. Bluebonnet Easter dress picture day.
This is a big day of the year for me.
HUGE actually.
I got several good ones that day. But the picture I wanted most of all was a decent (emphasis on decent- not perfect, not good- decent) picture of all three of my kids.
This is a big undertaking with three small kiddos.
HUGE actually.

So it came. Everyone is all ready and I'm gotten great ones so far and its time to get them all together.
And Maggie turns into a stinker. Why is it when one kid is being a stinker the rest are great, and then when one kid snaps out of it the others ones break down? Sheesh.
Mean dog mad.
Red hot mad.
Tabasco sauce mad.
She did it on purpose.
 photo DSC_0548 copy_zpspkbfpfvg.jpg
I was so mad I forgot these even existed. 
I dismissed them and never looked back.
Until today.
And my heart bursted. 
Even with Maggie's finger up her nose.
 photo DSC_0547 copy_zpsluenjxwe.jpg
Because these are my babies.
My whole world. 
The big bright spot in my life.
The blessings that are eternal and most precious. 
How I love looking back on how much they've grown.
And the greatest honor in my life is getting to witness each stage and each moment of their childhood. 
Because I'm their Momma.
 photo DSC_0541 copy_zpshvno1yf2.jpg

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Pop and Nana said...

Hehehe. We love those stinkers!!