Thursday, July 16, 2009

Baby Jess & Rachel

My wife has left me to visit family for the week, and I already miss them. I picked up some photos we had taken of Rachel, and thought it would be cool to compare the two.

I would say that little Rachel is developing a personality of her own, but I really think she is just developing her mom's personality. She loves attention, but is the happiest person in the world. I love you girls have a fun time in Colorado.


Josh and Jill said...

Tyler you were a ginormously fat kid you should find some of your baby pics ya tubby terd knocker

Tyler and Jess said...

Tyler! You posted a blog! YAY! She does look a lot like me, but I think she looks a lot like you too. Love ya, see ya in a few days. XOXOXOXO

Jeni said...

I second Josh. We would love to see some Tyler "Budda" pics. Do you happen to have any w/ jewels in the belly?

BTW, Rachel is darling! She looks just like her darling mama!