Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Blogger's Woes and an "In the Moment" Post...

Oh my GOODNESS GRACIOUS! I have been in the land of computer problems. It's not a fun place to be. Like, it's even worse than sitting in the doctors office with two children. Seriously!!! I hate computer and website problems. I am so stickin' behind it's not even funny! BAH! Anyways- I'm so excited that these pictures seem to be working right now! YAY! And it's my favorite kind of post- it's an "In the Moment" post. I hate playing catch-up! My favorite thing ever is "In the Moment" blogposts! They are so refreshing! This is our life right now! I'll probably be mixing it up between "In the Moment" and "A Long Way Ago" for a while just to keep my sanity. My OCD tendencies kick in when I post out of order, but I'm pretty sure my sanity is more important! Wish me luck!

Our neighborhood pool is the bomb! Rachel has been asking if it's summertime since March! 
Water babies...
 photo DSC_4936_zps89e3a680.jpg
I love it when Daddy comes to the pool with us... it's a lot of work otherwise! haha!
 photo DSC_4963_zpscdda44fc.jpg
Best FHE ever!
 photo DSC_4971_zps6677267f.jpg
Yep, she is one happy camper. ;)

 photo DSC_4977_zps50273087.jpg
Playing until the sun goes down.
 Life doesn't get much better.
 photo DSC_4948_zps479fe805.jpg

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Kate said...

What a great FHE! Glad you're back.