Monday, June 10, 2013

My Soccer Trophy

Welp, just like that Rachel's first season of soccer has come and gone. I loved watching her play and she sure loved to play! 
 photo DSC_4899_zpsaaa33cef.jpg
If I had to sum of Rachel's attitude during this season the two words I'd use are-
fierce and emotional...
 photo DSC_4900_zpsddb2ebb8.jpg
Oh, and don't forget girly! haha!
She blew a kiss after every score.
Yeah- she came up with it on her own.
 photo DSC_4905_zps7e11063d.jpg
The whole team went to Sonic after their last game to celebrate and hand out trophies!
 photo DSC_5055_zps99e65e40.jpg
I love this series of Miss Maggie...
Sometimes she takes my breath away...
 photo DSC_5018_zps6c822365.jpg
I love this girl!!!
 photo DSC_5019_zpsdd457dfd.jpg
Okay, this is it--- Her little profile just KILLS me. 
 photo DSC_50271_zps13e2b2ed.jpg
Everything is better with a cherry on top...
 photo DSC_5047_zps565902a7.jpg
Trophy time! Of course she volunteered to go first before the coach could even pull them out!
Such a little attention hog! haha!
 photo DSC_5060_zps50bf1a55.jpg
And of course I've got the wrong angle and most climatic point. Sheesh! I swear sometimes I couldn't be in the right place at the right time to save my life. 
Oh well- as you can see, it was a very proud moment! 
Great Job Rachel girl! 
Love ya to pieces ;)
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