Sunday, June 16, 2013

To Our Daddies...

I can't imagine my life without my wonderful father or the father or my children. I felt so blessed to get to spend Father's Day with each of them this year! 

Having a family with you has made me the happiest wife in the world. I love watching you with your girls and I can't wait to see you with your son. I just can't explain it!!!! It's takes maybe 2 seconds of watching you with your children to know that you would give anything, do anything for them. You are our superhero Daddy! I love you.
These girls have no idea how lucky they are to have gotten this Daddy...
 photo DSC_5162_zpsade80be6.jpg
I like this one of Pop with his grand-daughters... no wonder he and Nana hop on the motorcycle and drive 3 hours to see these beauties...
 photo DSC_5176_zps047e771b.jpg
I can already see it! Rachel calling up her Pop for advice. 
Let me tell you- he gives the BEST advice. 
 photo DSC_5186_zps1f697d66.jpg
Giving kisses is serious business around here if you can't tell! 
Must grab a hold of that face and everything!
Gotcha Daddy!
 photo DSC_5216_zpsced43021.jpg
I love you so much! 
I'm absolutely positive that I got the best Dad in the world for me. You have always made me so happy, and I am so glad that my girls also get to experience first hand what it's like having you in their corner. 
They can't lose.
 photo DSC_5227_zpsebd08cc6.jpg
After church and a much needed nap on the couch we made a special Father's Day dinner! WHOOP!
 photo DSC_5231_zps1ce1a9ab.jpg
Then we made Daddy and yummy chocolate cake! 
It was awesome.
 photo DSC_5267_zps1d82b611.jpg
Maggie made sure Dad got plenty of cake... hehehe...
 photo DSC_5289_zpsfa35b72d.jpg
Then Daddy made Rachel and Maggie burritos!
 photo DSC_5314_zps19365cb8.jpg
Have you ever had a Rachel and Maggie burrito?
They're delish! ;)
 photo DSC_5315_zps0964283c.jpg
And then they wrestled and wrestled... a perfect Payne family ending!
 photo DSC_5324_zpsdd4cb36b.jpg


Sutherland Family said...

You are a lucky girl, no doubt! I love your dad, too, and I also love his advice! And, the more I get to know Tyler, the more I know he is the perfect eternal companion for you. Father's Day is a great day to be grateful for these great men! Love you!

Mandy said...

Such a sweet post. Dads are just the best. Love ALL of the pictures and seeing you and your dad. And, what can I say...I just LOVE seeing your amazing photography skills on your cute family. Your girls are just beautiful.