Friday, April 26, 2013

All of life's lesson in one soccer game...

Okay, okay maybe not ALL of life's lessons but A LOT! That's why I was so pumped to put Rachel in soccer. In my life so far, I've learned more about myself on a field, mat, court, or road than I ever did in a classroom. Victory, defeat, discouragement, exhilaration  sportsmanship, teamwork, toughness and the list goes on and on. This game was no exception. I am so proud of my baby girl! It was a great way to kick of her birthday weekend! WHOOP!

Daddy pep-talk...
 photo DSC_1378_zps33712df3.jpg
Pep-talks always work- look at the confidence in that walk...
 photo DSC_1379_zps3f934528.jpg
Game face on!
 photo DSC_1380_zps96186860.jpg
She may be playing soccer but she's still a girl. 
"Oh, I like that uniform your wearing."
"I know it's so red."
 photo DSC_1382_zpsbb19791a.jpg
"Alright kids, which was are we going?"
sidenote: that kids face next to Rachel totally cracks me up!

 photo DSC_1388_zpsf8b91dac.jpg
This is what happened when someone else scored. Discouragement. 
It was someone else on her team too! She is so my daughter. Poor thing. haha!
 photo DSC_1392_zpsd31c002f.jpg
And this is what happened when the coach told her to sit out so some other kids could play.
Again, my daughter.
 photo DSC_1406_zps7068f11f.jpg
Go Rachel Go!!!
 photo DSC_1391_zps11defb44.jpg
SHE SCORED!!!! hahaha! Probably one of my favorite pictures of all time.
 photo DSC_1372_zps6fdb3384.jpg
Close up! I LOVE IT!!!
 photo DSC_1372a_zpsd163c2a1.jpg
And then we to a place the kids have been begging and begging to go to Chuck E. Cheese.
I think the place is cheesy (pardon the pun) and expensive but I gave in... it's birthday time!!!
Think she can make this work? 
Growing up way too fast!
 photo DSC_1442_zpsbb577cc7.jpg


Unknown said...

I LOVE that picture of Rachel jumping up! I'm so glad you caught it, it's adorable. And Chuck E. Cheese! I've been wanting to take Hannah there, but I'll admit I'm a bit nervous because I think we'll never leave.

Anonymous said...

So much fun! I love watching little kids learn how to play sports! And her attitude on the field cracks me up! The constant ups and downs ;) It's gonna be a fun season for sure!

Rifka Jensen said...

Gosh! I love these pictures! She's too cute and funny!

Mary Anne said...

Oh that picture (and the close up) is awesome!! What a perfect shot. Treasure for years to come. I am loving the soccer posts!

Kate said...

Wow, soccer. Little Rachel is growing so fast. Pure and honest joy. Love it!

Sutherland Family said...

My FAVORITE shot (and this is hard, because there are many!) is of Tyler giving her a pep talk. What a guy! Such a great moment to catch. Just wait til she's a teenager...

Glen and Kris Payne said...

Go get em tiger! Take their lunch money!!!