Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Rachel's Birthday Party!

Her new "thang" is putting her hand on her chin when I tell her to smile.
 There must be a princess who does this...
 photo DSC_1459_zpsc31f5f28.jpg
Pretty girl!!!
 photo DSC_1473_zpsd472cc36.jpg
Love you Rach.
 photo DSC_1490_zpsd4971b89.jpg
We celebrated with Daddy's yummy BURGERS! Delish!
We were so happy that Nana, Pop, Katie, Steven, and Kelly could come for the big party! Thanks so much for coming guys! It was a blast!
 photo DSC_1507_zps41c2dc5d.jpg
Ready for cake!!! 
I just love this picture.
 photo DSC_1531_zps9328b1a2.jpg
A very tall, very pink, Birthday cake! Oh, and sparkly too!
 photo DSC_1537_zps399d2fa2.jpg
Maggie enjoyed Rachel's party too!
I didn't get a good picture of it but as soon as Rachel opened up a present from Nana that had two new nightgowns in it, Maggie ripped off her dress and put one on. It was hilarious! I think she's learning that Rachel's presents are her presents too... hehe. 
 photo DSC_1542_zpse6694aa5.jpg
Nothing better than getting sung to on your birthday!
 photo DSC_1546_zps16d4d12c.jpg
Make a wish! There's four candles on that cake... sheesh, it goes by so fast!
 photo DSC_1552_zpsbc514109.jpg
Oh looky there! Nana and Pop delivered with a beautiful Cinderella princess dress! 
Oh boy, was she in heaven.
 photo DSC_1571_zpsef90a5f4.jpg
And my awesome friend Telene spotted this FREE bike from a neighbor trying to get rid of it! 
I WANT IT! And of course added the tassels!
 photo DSC_1589_zpsd72cdaa4.jpg
Going for a ride around the kitchen with Daddy...
 photo DSC_1592_zps18a045fc.jpg
Oh my goodness does this picture say it all... 
She's glowing!
 photo DSC_1604_zpsfa2135f1.jpg
As requested by Miss Rachel... A PINKALICIOUS CAKE! 
I think I conquered that request!
 photo DSC_1623_zpsce8e7dc5.jpg
 photo Untitled-891_zpsb8f1e576.jpg
 photo DSC_1628_zps41d7a5fc.jpg


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic celebration! And you did an AWESOME job on that cake! I'm sure Rachel was one very happy 4-year-old!!

Glen and Kris Payne said...

That one brought tears to my eyes. I think I know how strong willed she is!