Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy Hump Day

I was scrolling through old pictures when I saw this one and realized that it never made it to a blogpost. Although this was months ago, I couldn't stand the thought of going on without it. I do love this picture. Tyler and I had the opportunity to go to a post deployment "yellow ribbon" event together without our kids. It was only two days and our car broke down in the process, but we didn't care. It was a wonderful weekend. 

I'm so grateful for this man in my life. He is my other half in every way. 

If you're wondering today has been a "lock myself in the bathroom" kind of day. During that moment I called Tyler and exclaimed, "Who am I? I used to be superwoman. I never had to call my husband in the middle of the day and cry! At least, I never was able to. I'm pathetic." To which Tyler responded, "No, you're pregnant and you're having a bad day. I love you and I think you're an amazing wife and mother." 
*deep sigh*
Okay babe. Thanks for listening. I love you.

Did I mention that I love this man?
Also, don't be fooled by the Jessica in this picture... she has changed quite a bit in the past 4 months... 
It'll all be worth it.
Going to hold my baby in just 5 short months.
We can do it.
Never underestimate the life of a mother.
God loves all his children... even mine.
Keep chuggin along.
Life is good.
Happy Hump Day... let's get over it now.

Seriously though, are we smokin' or what? 
 photo november23325_zps8b371bd3.jpg


Anonymous said...

Seriously you guys are adorable! :) And you always have the cutest clothes Jessica!! Love it! And come on, what mom doesn't have a day where she locks herself in the bathroom?!

Sutherland Family said...

Hey! What a cute outfit!! Can we please go shopping again together? Caitlin is coming to visit and we'll think of you when we go to Nordstrom ;).

Jeni said...

Made me cry!! So glad that Tyler is so supportive. Make me proud of my brother and I am extremely grateful that he chose you to be his wife!!!! You are such a blessing to our family, Jess.