Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cousin Trip to the Zoo!

Last week was a super duper exciting one for the Payne family!!!! IT WAS MOM PAYNE'S GRADUATION WEEK!!! Wahhoooooooey! (more on this later...)
I called Mom on Tuesday and she informed me that- 
Jason, Michelle, and their three kids came from Georgia,
Brian, Tawyna, and their three kids came from Lubbock
Jeni was coming from Utah,
and Great Grandma and Grandpa Payne were coming from New Mexico!
Holy Talitio! Not to mention the Weatherfordoians- Jacob, Itzel, Elijah, Mom, Dad, Joseph, and Teancum!
And that's not even all of us. 
Anyway- I was feeling super bummed that we couldn't be there until Friday after Tyler got off of work, so Mom offered to meet us half way so the girls and I could stay the whole week. YAY! 

The girls were ecstatic! Especially Miss Rachel. Her and Daisy were practically invisible the whole week playing outside.
And all the kids were excited to hit the Zoo! All my pictures pretty much consisted off cute little backsides! So much to see!
 photo DSC_4116_zps5b226d4f.jpg
She's just cute...
 photo DSC_4144_zps7a70f9c2.jpg
Maggie found the statue and was so happy until the bigger kids found it too! haha!
 photo DSC_4158_zps7cdf4260.jpg
Payne cousins minus baby Matthew...
 photo DSC_4168_zpse7734f9e.jpg
I just love the Fort Worth Zoo.... it felt so good to visit. The girls and I loved our Zoo passes when we lived in Weatherford. Rachel just cracks me up with the birds! She wants them close and then she doesn't want them close! Typical girl! haha!
 photo DSC_4186_zpsc38ed032.jpg
hehehe- remind me never to show Alfred Hitchcocks- "The Birds" to Rachel. 
She's way too much like me. Won't sleep for weeks. hahaha!
 photo DSC_4188_zps2ba1cfa8.jpg
Here birdie birdie birdie!
 photo DSC_4199_zpsa6c42fa4.jpg
Pretty girl-
 photo DSC_4218_zps877a26be.jpg
So much light in those eyes! 
 photo DSC_4237_zpseca31eeb.jpg
"Mom, the bird just totally chirped at me!"
 photo DSC_4239_zps2f60d359.jpg
Happy Zoo Day!!!

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